Jamal Adams dealt to Seattle

Per Adam Schefter. Jamal Adams and a 2022 4th for Bradley McDougald, 2021 1st, 2021 3rd and 2022 1st pending physicals

I wanted Adams, but that’s insane. Good pass.

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This is a great haul for the jets, especially considering the whole world knew he was getting dealt.


Yeah but Seattle will be a playoff team again, so the pick will be in the late 20’s anyways.

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And as Daniel Jeremiah says in his analysis of the trade “Seattle’s picks in the 1st round have been disappointing”… he goes on to say how well they do later, but giving up 1st rounders for Seattle isn’t like giving up 1st rounders for most other teams.

Does this move make it more likely that clowney finds a home in Detroit, if at least for year

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That one’s above my pay grade. His fate is sealed in Seattle, that’s relatively certain.

Seattle has a scheme predicated on safety play, so this makes perfect sense for them. They get a proven player in exchange for magic beans.


Let’s not forget Seattle gets to make Adams the highest paid safety in the league. Massive overpayment IMO.

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Agree. The Jets got quite a haul for a player who wasn’t going to re-sign with them anyway after the 2021 season.

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Jets win big. BTW, if I were the Lions I would be done signing any FA’s and commit to money for a season that isn’t likely to be played,

We don’t really know if they won or not. Right now they’ve got the McDougald kid and some magic beans.

So we are now calling first round picks “magic beans”? Got it. It’s not like they got a 3rd and a 5th.

In any given year nearly half the 1st round doesn’t amount to much. And there are so many picks in the first round that are never as good as Adams. So yes, until we see what happens next…they are magic beans and we should be careful in instantly declaring the Jets winners.

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A dollar in hand …Adams is a stud at a key position. Not a sole here would blink to part with Jarrad Davis & name your other first round flop for Adams . It’s Magic Beans of promise until they deliver or flop…

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It rarely works out for either team. Where are the Bears and Raiders? Miami and Houston? Jets and SHawks aren’t likely to make any big moves either at least right away and Seattle just welcomed in cap hell. Seattle is in too tough of a conference to make a leap with this move. Jet’s have draft capital to move up or down or trade for existing players, and Joe Douglas had a great draft in his first year as GM. The Jets had no where to go for cap space to give Adams the contract that he was demanding. Next year they can move Fant along with Bell and save about $17 million, they can afford to trade picks for players at that point. If Seattle was an Adams away from winning their conference, they won. Anyone think that’s the case?

Adams will help that defense A LOT. I really curious to see how Carlos Hyde does with the Seahawks. After two bad seasons running the football in 2016 and 2017 the Seahawks rebounded the last two seasons with a top notch rushing attack. Still wasn’t quite the rushing glory years with Beast Mode but was still good. If they can get that back this team is dangerous.

The Bears won double digit games and went to the playoffs. Houston won double digit games and went to the playoffs.

It’s hard to argue that any position on a football field isn’t a key position but if we had to make a list safety would easily be near the bottom. Pittsburgh giving up a 1st round pick, fifth round pick, and a sixth, for Minkah Fitzpatrick and a fourth round pick, seems a little more even value wise. No doubt Adams is a dog on the football field but his contract, demeanor off the field, and his position are not worth multiple first round picks. I will say though, Pittsburgh has looked like a clear winner of the Minkah trade.

Short term success and long term woes. If you’re one player away it’s the right move. They both got better for a day, where are they now? Bears were lucky to be .500 and the Raiders weren’t.