James Dean is back

In the ultimate career comeback, James Dean will overcome being dead for 64 years to star in an upcoming film.

This is weird as fuck. I thought the CGI Peter Cushing in Rogue One was odd, but at least they used it for a role Cushing had played before his death. Cranking out new roles for a guy who died before he had a chance to play many roles feels like a bridge too far.

JFK for President…Again!


I’m guessing Dean could be had for a grand and a Pepsident ad. Evans would want a mil. I’d be pissed too.

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I’d vote for him over pretty much anyone I can imagine.

Jesus, we can’t even talk James Dean without politics getting involved?

Why do we even have an OTT …

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James Dean isn’t dead. I just watched him fuck that chick Farrah from teen mom the other day.

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I dunno man. I thought that recreating dead actors wouldn’t go political, yet here we are.

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Well, he did start a rebellion. A Teen rebellion !!!

I agree that’s just too much. It’s creepy

Which Michael Jackson do we bring back? Black Michael? White Michael? White Michael, but from before we knew he liked little boys?

When the story is about a late actor, this comment in the story had me scratching my head for a minute…

"Zelda Williams, daughter of the late actor and comedian Robin Williams, also weighed in on the controversy. "

Even before I saw her comments, I was cringing at the thought of some studio using CGI to bring back Robin Williams. Hopefully his family won’t agree to it when they get asked.

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I don’t know. I might enjoy watching the funny Eddie Murphy again. Maybe there is a place for this. Belushi could have a big comeback too.

Honestly I think this will fall flat and be much ado about nothing.

Nate, Wes, pdono, please feel free to give this thread the double tap. It has served its purpose and is ready to go to that nice farm upstate I’ve heard so much about.


I read he’s making a return to stand up soon. I’m curious to see if he still has that edge