James Lynch

I was just checking out D lineman and ran across this guy. I don’t know where he’ll go, but in the middle rounds he may not be a bad 5t/3t depth guy. The real reason I posted is that during the highlight at 1:57, something happens that really made me laugh that basically the camera man seemed a little distracted.

Lynch seems like a Patricia type of guy. May not have amazing traits, but a grinder that’s pretty quick off the snap, makes little moves at the moment of truth that lets him quickly get past his guy. Once he does, he has a pretty surprising burst. He’s not a huge hitter, but a lot of his tackles seem to occur with bad intent. I think that’s we’ll probably either resign Daniels at a discount or A’Shawn, but not both. Snacks is gone, so for a team that wants to build from the inside out, they will be pretty busy this offseason making that happen. I just took him (Lynch) on a Fanspeak in the 4th round and I had us trading down and taking Brown in the first. I took Uche with our 2b. So I added Brown, Uche and Lynch to the DL.

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This doesn’t sound like guy we want an he could be very late pick by some team . I hope not Lions you seldom find a write up this lacking

While there are plenty of splashy plays found in Lynch’s film, forecasting him to the NFL level doesn’t generate much excitement for me. His athletic profile, physical traits, functional strength, processing skills and technique leaves much to be desired. There’s not much present in his game tape that suggests he will present difficult challenges for NFL offensive linemen. Lynch’s football character and motor will give him a chance, but there’s a lot he needs to improve upon to contribute on Sundays and the foundational skills to build upon are lacking.

LMAO at 1:57. He definitely got distracted. I would have too.