Jamie Collins - Doesn’t want it enough

I wasn’t big on the Jamie Collins signing. Because I felt the Collins CLE got wasn’t the same player that NE had. I worried that Jamie Collins was just looking for his last big payday. We gave it to him knowing the type of player he was.

I brought up an article I had read many years ago where Collins said that he doesn’t like football. He doesn’t watch film ever. That he would rather play on his PlayStation. That’s all I ever needed to know about Jamie Collins and it’s the main reason that I’d have never paid the guy what the Lions paid him.

BB knew when Jamie started demanding a new contract that he wasn’t worth paying that kind of money. He’s a Jag (just another guy) but when BB had the chance to bring him back on the cheap, he did.

MP had a ton of inside knowledge on Collins. You’d think he would know exactly the type of player he was getting. Keep in mind that we sent Kennard packing just so that we could pay more money for Collins.

Here’s an article that discusses Collins and his lack of desire and effort.

Personally I’d rather play a guy like Davis who tries hard and fails than put a guy on the field who gives poor effort.


There was a reason he was playing for the vet minimum 12 months ago.

I liked the talent but if we didn’t win early he would check out worse than in Cleveland

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Why do the GM and HC continually look to stock the defense with former Patriots? I know the obvious answer in terms of relationships and comfort/trust level but to me it reeks of inferiority and lack of confidence in their ability to identify players who can fit into their scheme.

I don’t think it’s just a matter of failing to scout players for their scheme–although there’s no reason to believe they’re any good at that either. It’s pretty clear Matt Patricia has a problem leading his players and getting them to buy in. When you narrow your pool of possible roster additions to people he’s coached before (i.e., players you hope won’t think he’s a complete a joke) there’s a lot less talent to choose from.


And he’s still the best player we have on defense.

GMs do not sign FAs knowing they will tank once they get the big buck contract. That’s a big reason why they sign guys they know over guys they don’t, but even so sometimes the guy just wants the money and is very good at hiding that fact from everybody, even those that now him. And it doesn’t help when your team is struggling either, why bust ass when the best you can do is make it to .500? My point: some coaches are better motivators than others, but sometimes nothing works when the team sucks. Which maybe is another way of saying if your HC isn’t good at motivating then you’re gonna suck no matter how much money you throw at players.

Right now I’m seeing a Lions team that isn’t motivated, or at least not enough to play hard, smart, disciplined football that leads to consistency that leads to more wins than losses. Some of that is on the players, who oughta be earning their paycheck every week no matter what their record is. And right now that ain’t happening enough, too many penalties, unforced errors, mistakes. Some of it is beyond anybody’s control: the refs, the injuries, the matchups against the other team. But maybe the biggest chunk of why an unmotivated team is playing bad football is on the coaches, specifically the HC whose job it is to get the best of of his players.

The Lions are heading into a crucial period, over the next 2 games the Lions are not playing quality opponents and the road game advantage isn’t a factor. I think they better win both games or Q&P could and IMHO should be gone. You can’t make the playoffs by losing to the Jags and the Falcons, so we’ll see what happens.

BUT - and back to Collins, if the Lions can win the next 2 then maybe Jamie and others on the team pick up their intensity a little bit cuz a change at the top usually means a lotta payers lose their jobs. LOL, now THAT’s motivation.

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And pay the top dollar!

I agree with this … it’s lazy if you ask me.

Obviously BQ and his scouting dept have struggled to find the best available free agents too. We were far better under Mayhew at this.

We did … Jamie did just that when he went to CLE. That’s why when he hit FA (the last time) that no one wanted him. He resigned with NE in hopes to raise his stock back up. Then the Lions paid him top dollar. I don’t think anyone else was stupid enough to pay him the money we did. Everyone knew he would quit at the first sign of struggles.

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I completely agree. It was an awful signing the moment it happened and it has turned out even worse than I feared. A great example of the Boston Boys’ blundering incompetence.

He should be on a veteran minimum + incentives one-year deal with a solid contingency plan built behind him.

I think we got a bargain on Collins. I mean he’s outplaying Flowers who we dropped 90 million on. I’m with wise on this one…why should he bust his ass on this defense? I mean we can single him out but there’s a bunch of guys playing defense who aren’t putting up much of an effort.

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This defense lacked a coverage type LB, he was one of the best can’t blame them for signing him, can’t blame him on whole defense sucking.

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This has a lot to do with coaching as well. BB knew how to get the most out of Collins while he was playing on the cheap. It’s no coincidence players play better before they come here and/or after they leave here.

Sorry for the double post but honestly it’s not just Collins. Guys continue to quit on this coaching staff. There is no leadership, or accountability, even from the HC.

It’s long been said about the Lions that they are the place where free agents willing to come here go to get their last big pay-day.

Which doesn’t necessarily speak to players who have a burning fire to build a winner/win playoff games and championships