Jamie Collins Hype video...Chase Winovich

The Jamie Collins Hype video just popped up on my feed. Saw Chase in it and rekindled my fire of us not drafting him. Why? He was the best player on that Michigan D that was dominant a few years ago. Great attitude, great combine, 6’3" 256 lbs, fits our mold. Drafted in the 3rd round! So we had a shot at getting him. Upsets me.

Collins Hype video:

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Who did we take in the 3rd round instead of him anyways?

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Hahaha, I’m there with ya brother!

Because we’re waiting on Chase Young? Duh.

He’s so much more sudden than our current LBers it’s ridiculous. Well maybe not JD but he rarely know man where gems going

Many teams whiffed not drafting him. I wasn’t one of them, yet I don’t own a team.

You should’ve bought one. Great investment vehicles. Time to change financial advisors perhaps.

When I see videos like this: I watch everyone around the player. I noticed the blitzes and the twists that are run. And I like it. The problem is: We don’t do much of that here. And it worries me that Collins won’t get the same “freedom”, for lack of a better word, here in Patricia’s system.

Can’t help but think that Collins isn’t going to see a ton of time at JACK, and that Kennard’s departure is just preparing for a move to be made later to upgrade that spot with a guy who is twitchier and can get to the QB more. Several guys in the draft that could fill that bill. The only question is how light is MP willing to go at JACK to get more quickness. How much are you going to be able to give up in run defense? I hope he could go for a Simmons/Baun type. I just don’t know if that’s the case or more likely that it’s more a Gross-Matos/Chaisson/Anae type.

This fits well in the Kennard thread.