Jarrad Davis and Joe Dahl placed on IR

This was just posted by Kyle Meineke on Twitter 14 minutes ago.
Wes Hills and Dan Skipper signed from the practice squad to fill the roster spots

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Hopefully we never see Davis in a Lions uniform again. It’s time to move him.


I remember a few weeks ago when I reached that moment before the game where I suddenly had to admit to myself and say out loud “OMG we are about to lose to the frickin Redskins!”

Now I have to say again “OMG we are about to lose to the damn Bucs!”


Wes is a RB and I have know idea about him


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Davis should be back.

His salary is just $2m and there’s a $1.5m dead cap hit if he goes.

Would think he’s at least worth that money, even if he’s only a backup. With two years of Patricia’s D under his belt, I think you want to see him next year.


We might very well…,

But, excuse or not; like it or not, I love IRing players hurt right not … but Matt Stafford is staying on the roster…

We seem to be doing what I hoped… since we are officially eliminated from the playoffs you switch the goals… you always plan to win each sunday but you also are now trying out new players and schemes imho…

I will be looking to see how the new players step up!

Or don’t…


Honestly I think he should be pushing Kennard at Jack LB. Davis can cause some disruption in the backfield. But he gets hung up in the trash too easily to be a factor inside where they are playing him, and his instincts in coverage are absolute trash. So they force him at MLB and they leave him in on passing downs and only blitz him a quarter of those snaps if that. So he’s on the field in coverage as a liability or getting hung up inside if he doesn’t slip through a wide open gap on a delay. I think if you had him on the end of the line rushing and covering backs on swing passes to the flat, you’d get better results out of JD.


We might see that with Tavai having a year of NFL experience, he may be ready to be the full time middle backer next season. And JD can be used to do things he’s best at.

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Yeah but we’re eating 3 million dollars of a good players contract, why not eat 1.5 of a bad player?

And you’re saying this because we I.R.'ed Davis and Dahl?
Shit, we have a better chance of winning without Davis on the field, probably not as much with Dahl.

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Have you seen what even backups get paid in the NFL? Davis has two years in the system, and l doubt they go and pay a free agent more for his spot. $2m doesn’t buy you much player anymore. IMO he is still valued and will get to play his fourth year in DET.

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Conversely they save 5.2 million dollars in 2020 and 5.5 million dollars in 2021 on the Diggs trade. The savings of cutting or trading Davis would only be 1.96 million. Hopefully that 10.7 million dollars will net another good player. 1.96 million isn’t going to net nearly as much, IMHO.
However, I do not see the Lions picking up the 5th year option on Davis. The time window for that decision must be between the end of December and next May

Lions are tanking. IR anyone with an injury


Davis might become a 2 million dollar backup if he can’t improve his play, he is one of the worst rated LB’s in the league, you can’t get much worse from that.

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That’s what I’m saying. He knows the system and at worst you have a backup, and he’ll earn backup money next season, so why let him go? I think 3rd is right, he should be moved outside. Tavai should be ready to take over the middle in 2020.


Tell Davis to gain 20 lbs in the offseasons and use him as a rush DE simplify his job.

I think he would suck as a rush end. The reason he gets pressure on the quarterback is because he runs delayed blitzes and twists that take a little time to develop you put him right up next to an offensive lineman and he’s going to be velcro to that guy’s chest all game long



He has no strength, length, leverage or moves. There’s a reason he’s not out there already while Jones and Tavai are.

Well, that seals it. The season is lost.