Jarrad Davis to Jags for Leonard Fournette?

I’d do it. Both are from the same draft class and both have the same length of time left on their contracts. Since the Lions seem intent on playing him out of position, since Davis has been mostly underwhelming, and since he seems redundant with Tavai and Ragland both on the roster, why not?

Fournette has a pretty good season in 2019 and a change of scenery coupled with playing for a future contract may make him more motivated.


I’m in hell throw them a 5th as well


I would do this in a heartbeat.

I wouldn’t have a problem with this trade. Player for player.

Interesting…I like where your head is at. It does seem like we’re set up to trade Davis.

Best player trade I have heard proposed.

Man, this is titled like it’s a done deal, and official trade. Clickbait - for shame.

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Fournette may probably be cut later. Then get him for free.

Added a question mark just for you. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I would do the trade one for one I never checked cap but likely is close

The Lions have around $29 Million and Fournette’s contract is around $4M.

I’d do it then move Tavai to the middle and draft Simmons!!!

I don’t know if we would still own the rights to his 5th year option. If so, I think that’s around 8, so 6M over 2 for him would be ok IMO. If he doesn’t pan out, then he still bought you a year and you can draft a guy next year. When he’s right, Fournette is awfully Marshawn Lynchee and I’m quite sure Bevell would likey. I do like Taylor/CEH possibilities in the 2nd/3rd, but I’d be fine with this.

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