Jarrad Davis

I still don’t understand why Davis plays the middle when he consistently misses tackles? Put him on the edge! Put Tavai in the middle!


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Do you really want a guy who misses tackles in the middle, tackling in space?

back when I scouted him before we even drafted him, two big negatives I took away were that he overruns tackles and he get’s lost in traffic and isn’t great at taking on blockers. He’s ok when he is going downhill on a blitz, it’s when he is trying to read and react that it becomes a problem. If you can take him out of the middle, it at least solves one of those problems.

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Hey Wes,
You still convinced JD is a “solid starter”?

He doesn’t have Edge skills. If he were on the edge you would find him knocked so far out of every play that he may not even still be in the camera view. He’d get turned and shoved 15 yards out of the frame.

As guys have said around here, he’s a “see ball, run” type LB. He’s not a MLB. He’s a 4-3 WLB.

But, he loves football and is a film junkie. He’s dedicated. On a team that these coaches felt lacked heart and toughness, Davis was a bright spot to them.


I agree to a point but what can it hurt trying him on the edge any more than what he’s done in the middle? If I’m the Lions I’m trying it out for one game just for the hell of it and giving Tavai added game practice in the middle.

They have moved him around. Tavai is a better fit on the edge.

Yes. But I’m also the one that said he came back too early from the high ankle sprain.

Its easier on the edges because there’s less to worry about and things funnel in a more predictable way. Things also develop slower.

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He’s like the unholy love-child of Ernie Sims and Barret Green


I also love football and am a film junkie. I’d be happy if they paid me a few cool mill to miss tackles and not cover people

Injured guy that isn’t performing at his expected level? Shouldn’t you be wanting him to be traded for a low 5th round pick?

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If he’s being a cancer in your locker room, then yes.

What about a guy like Davis that is a cancer ON the field at all times?

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TJ Watt was the pick at the time and I stand by that. Davis has no understanding of what his job is and is not a thinking player. Keeping him in the starting lineup is hurting this team


If we traded Davis for a 1st round pick, that would be fine with me.

Nice post, brother. I still feel like, if used properly, the dude can be effective. I remember when Levy sucked. He was thinking all the time, and you could see it. I also remember after he had his “lightbulb moment” and started playing instinctively, instead of having to think. MONSTER!!!

I think Davis will be like this, if not on our team, then another. I’m just hoping coaches can find a way to use the guy properly. He’s clearly playing out of position.

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He isn’t and was never worthy of a 1st round pick. Nobody would give us a 5th for him. He’s trash

Yeah, this is Patricia’s version of KVN in TA’s system. They just keep trying to make it work and he’s just not a fit AT MLB in this scheme. If they would just move him into Christian Jones role, he’d be fine and move him inside when we go Nickle with JRM outside to run with backs and TE’s. Instead they keep trying him inside on run downs and it exposes us with both JD and Jones against the pass if they run play-action, and JD is too small to mix it up inside against the run. I agree, if you can’t figure out that the guy should not be playing ILB in this system, then move him get what you can and bring in more of the guys who can run the system in the offseason. Tavai was a good pick, but he’s not a cover backer so just stop with that shit. Put him inside and let him stuff the run. Use your smaller quicker athletes to run, chase and blitz. Like JRM who just makes plays then is put back on the pine for freaking Christian Jones who’s always seen chasing guys 20 yards downfield and was nowhere near making a play on the ball before said chase.


Why is it that a guy playing like garbage is “playing out of position”. Even on the outside he needs to understand his responsibilities and perform. So far he has shown nothing whatsoever at LB in the running or passing game. His little value comes as a blitzer. Yes I would take a 5th round pick for him and consider it a steal.

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But if someone offered me a 1st, I’d move on from him.

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