Jarrad Davis's ankle

So, is Davis’s ankle to blame for his horrible play this year?

Built in excuses are what the Lions do best.


I tore something in my elbow a month ago, and yet still clean out the garage full, floor to rafters to walls of 2 graduations, a wedding and a new grandbaby worth of shit, stow all of our cement landscaping pieces and drink many pints of beer in that time with said elbow. Maybe go see the doc since I have a follow up next week to a heart scan (preventive thankfully)

I don’t want to hear about ankles. I have had At Least 25 sprained ankles in my life. Last one I did while jumping a crick on the green on hole 1 at GVSU, it folded over completely and I went down like a sack of bricks all weight on my shoulder, buddy thought I must busted it too.

Played the round, no beers, Shot an 86.

Tired.of listening to this kind of stuff.

Isaiah played the next game after Karl Malone nearly decapitated him. YouTube that Shit.

He just isn’t a good football player. He is Barret Green and Boss Bailey’s love child

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High ankle sprains linger all year if you dont let it properly heal. It’s a different animal than “just an ankle.”

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No. He’s just not good.

However, you bring up a good point. If Davis is this damn bad and say he is still battling some pain in the ankle, then why is he still in here? Does Quinn not have 1 extra LB on the entire roster than can perform at the same level as one of the worst LBs in the league?

Ankle pain shouldn’t make Davis hit the wrong gap, arm tackle, over pursue, stand motionless, etc. He’s just not good at any 1 thing.

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A high ankle sprain is more than just “ankle pain.” It limits you. There are definitely some mental things with Davis that he’s shown even in healthy years. But a high ankle sprain could in fact lead to over pursuit and arm tackles. That’s a general statement about the injury as an FYI, because Davis was doing it healthy.

he should be allowed to do what he does best—blitz and rush for the quarter back

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Your keyboard must have shut off, because the end of your sentence where you were going to add “then miss the tackle” was cut off. Haha :wink:

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Man, we Lion’s fans are a bunch of suckers aren’t we?
Fell for yet another paper team.

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Yeah, which makes me question why you said that you were the one that said he came back too early. He seems like the same player regardless.

He did come back to early and no I am not seeing the same player

High ankle is a different deal, for sure.

I still am triggered by injury issues after doing the research to make my post about the running game. Jesus, what a string of RB injury disasters…

But you just said he was over pursuing and arm tackling when healthy!?!

not being a smartass, yet there’s a difference between the meanings of the words { to } & {too }

TO: I want ‘to’ go hunting. , I am going ‘to’ work. , The Lions are going ‘to’ draft this player. ,

TOO: I was going to buy tickets to that game but they were ‘too’ expensive. , It was ‘too’ cold outside to work. I couldn’t eat that hamburger because the peppers were ‘too’ damn hot.

to= suggest action. I’m going to bed. Too= suggest some THING is extreme. I am too pissed off, that sauce is too damn hot , she is too damn ugly , It was too cold for the kids to go to school.

Stafford missed throws with and without a banged up thumb

So what’s the point of what you said then?

Are we adults here? Or are we going to act like this in order to keep grinding an axe?

Well now I’m thoroughly confused. You said it wasn’t debatable that Davis was a “legit NFL starter”, I questioned that. Now it comes out that he’s sucked this year and your defense was that he came back from the ankle injury too soon but agreed that the was over-pursuing and arm-tackling before the ankle injury.
I was just curious where the ankle injury came into play? I mean, I haven’t really noticed his speed being hindered. He’s almost too fast for his own good sometimes.

But I’ll let it go I guess because it’s just childish to try and figure out what you’re even saying…good talk though. LOL