JD McKissic to the Skins

2 year deal

I thought he was decent as an RB3 as a 3rd down pass catching back. So, do they sign an FA RB, draft one, or roll with who they got? I’ll go with option 1 and 2, forget 3.

McKissic is on his 3rd team in 3 years. He has a very limited skillset, not a bad player but not a big loss either IMO.

Defense heavy in free agency.

Likely defense in the first, OT is possible.

But mid-rounds, a RB, WR and OG? Yes please.

compensatory pick chart

They keep a good update of it. Another perspective on player movement in the NFL and how to manage or not manage a teams resources.

Now on RB an WR I hope we can nail a RB with Rd 2 pick We have some OGs that can compete for a spot I don’t see need to blow Cap on like a OG, WR or even RB that we have just as good on roster

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I still think the Lions need another pass rusher, either from the inside or Edge. I’d love to get Okudah and the best DL on the board in the first (TD), then start looking at WR, RB, OT, and OG. Or they might another FA or 2. Maybe keep Daniels or A’Shawn?

I like it that the Lions have some vets on the Dline. They need to infuse some young top talent like Brown/Kinlaw.

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I think that would be fantastic.

If either DT’s Blacklock & Gallimore make it to #35, Lions need to take one, especially, if a trade down nets them either the Chargers #37 or the Fins #39. Lions desperately need an infusion of youth at DT. Newly acquired DT’s Shelton & Williams aren’t young and are stop-gap measures, at best.

IMO, it looks highly likely the Lions are aiming at selecting the BPA RB at #35.

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Best case scenario (Young is off the board), is to trade back so they can target the top CB, DT, or OT. Two of the three would be nice. I can picture the Lions targeting a RB, WR, or G in rounds 2 and 3.

I think BQ really wants to get the running game fixed.