Jeff Driskel placed on IR - Kyle Sloter to replace on roster. Joe Callahan QB signed to practice squad

And the hits just keep on coming to this team. Almost unbelievable the number of injuries this year

kyle meinke (@kmeinke) tweeted at 2:02 PM on Sat, Nov 30, 2019:
Jeff Driskel was healthy enough to suit up as the backup QB on Thanksgiving, but is now going on IR. Kyle Sloter will replace him.

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Guess they like Blough and aren’t as high on Driskel?


Here come the “Who the hell is in charge of the strength and conditioning program for the Lions?” chants.


Healthy enough to backup but then to IR 2 days later with no practice to reinjure himself? Bullshit… They’re using the spot to look at another low end QB


This sure feels like the tanking that so many posters were calling for after the Vikings game. So according to many they must be much smarter this year to just go ahead and lose out for the higher pick. this also tells me that it’s likely there is no heat Quinnz or Patricia to win at this point for this season. However I will say that blough intrigues me more than driskel and playing blough makes more sense in view of the fact that he’s under contract for the next two years and driskel will be a free agent


Once Stafford got hurt that bought them another year.

As much as I want Patricia gone tanking and playing young players is smart.

At this point I agree with that reasoning.

Quinn started trying to tank after the Packers game.

I don’t disagree with that either. After the complete screwjob that was the Packers game I can see how even management would say screw it for this year and invest everything into next year . Not sure that it will matter though; at this point the NFL is as bad as the NBA and more like the WWE

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It is really interesting Driskel hit the IR before Stafford though.

Patricia keeps saying they need a win a to breakthrough and Stafford playing makes them favorites in 3 of the last 4 games if Green Bay is resting starters.

I agree that Blough is a better prospect than Driskel, I never saw anything special with him like some posters did. Blough could be a serviceable backup. But they’re definitely just churning the bottom of the roster for guys. That’s not this team’s issue, we lack high end talent all over the defense

As another side note on quarterbacks,
I just read on trade rumors that the Lions also signed Joe Callahan to the practice squad

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Confirmed, and more:

Check it out, Sloter can play. Moves well, good throw. Just one time, but he looks okay to me. I think it was pre-season though, let’s see him under fire against somebody when it counts.

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Ok - how can it be called tanking if we are already officially eliminated from playoff contention.

It simply makes sense to see a shift in philosophy now with that goal off the board.

Matt will not ever go to IR unless it’s really that bad. Imho the OC and MP want him in the mix all the time.

Hell he could be getting groomed for coaching?! :crazy_face:

But we are now playing with game plans and personnel… and always with an eye to win!

But that me

I think Stafford is playing again this season one way or another I wouldn’t be shocked if its a week from Sunday.

Sloter is pretty interesting to be honest. The Cardinals were supposed to be fairly high on him. Might have more upside than Blough

Best of luck from a long time Denver fan. We won 2 games that don’t mean anything & dropped to the teens in the draft. MAYBE we have a real QB time will tell. But I can tell you MP needs to stop being stubborn and start or at least play Sloter a bunch. I go to a lot of Denver practices & watch all games including preseason. For some reason NO team has given Sloter a chance. YET in every preason game he has been in the top 3-5 QB in the entire NFL. And for me he passed the eye test yet Elway & Joseph tried to lowball him. And the Vikes gave him no chance. I have been an NFL fan & watched tons of games since 1955. He may not be the greatest practice QB, but how much does that count?? He reminds me the most of Brett Favre - he just makes plays and moves the marker. AND he had to work hard in college just to get a chance like say Doug Flutie. What do the Lions have to lose and MAYBE gain a spot or 2 and draft 2nd or 3rd? Again best of luck and it would be nice to see the Lions be relevant again.

The guy who got fired by the Patriots

I have been on the Sloter train with you for awhile. I have always been impressed with his preseason games. Blough gives us the best chance to lose though, so I can’t complain too much :slight_smile:

Best of luck Sunday! Lock looks solid. Can’t put much stock into the snow game last week