Jeff Okudah Has Been Poisoned - TAKE HIM OFF THE BOARD

Kidding, not kidding. If Slay’s only motivation for forcing his trade was money, then I can take his Okudah mentorship and drafting endorsement with a grain of salt. His parting shot(s) at MP make me think he’s not doing us any favors in preparing Jeff for life as a Lions CB.

So many different ways to take his comment.

Lions fans are sensitive for no reason.


If Chase is gone I do hope we find a way to trade back and take him


Well we know it wasn’t “just” the money here. But he obviously likes the kid and IF life was so terrible as a player here, I think he’d use the opportunity to say “I hope not, he deserves a better environment…” It’s not like he’s going to be poor if he falls to 4-7. I think Slay still has love for us, the fans and though things were sour with MP, him taking this track is a good thing IMO. It’s not like he’s going Calvin or anything…

I think its plausable that Slay recognizes what Detroit did for him as a whole and good feelings still, and always will, exist. I’m sure he legitimately thinks Jeff and Detroit are a good match, just as they were a month ago when he was still a Lion. All of Slay’s true fans are Lions fans after all and they still tune into him on social media so he knows his audiences
Slay’s a genuine guy to a fault so I don’t think he can talk out of both sides of his mouth but you never want to think your former franchise CB is planting seeds of discord in your new franchise CB, if the draft works out that way.

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Okudah seems like a really good human. He’d be a nice addition to the team.

I hope we can trade back, hopefully twice.

I feel like Brown, Jeudy, or one of the OTs could have similar or possibly more impact. I’m so into the trade down, because I don’t feel like there is a massive drop-off in impact on the team no matter which one we get, so getting 2 of them, or any one of them plus another solid starter would be a positive.


Like Slay is really looking out for the best interest of the Lions. Lol. Dude needs to STFU and figure out that he plays for another team now.


Amen! If he would have said hey this kid is amazing…I wish somehow he could be here with me in Philly. I would love it.

Slay is not our GM so loved ya while you were here, but get lost. Like an ex-wife. Who cares what they say.


And like an ex-anyone, when asked what went wrong to end the relationship, the “truth” is that the OTHER person was crazy…

I’m truly trying to wrap my head around someone could take that conversation as a negative.

I would be ok with Okudah in a trade down scenario, and I think he will still be there up until the 8th or 9th picks.

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Lols, Lions fans after 50 years of losing they hate everybody.

Never seen a player leave here that wasn’t riped apart by fans. Barry, Calvin many .

Take it for what its worth. Worse case he’s trying to get some money for his new pal.