Jeff Risdon mock at

Check this one out, no way it happens, right?

In his mock, the Miami Dolphins trade up from No. 5 to land Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa. Detroit gets the 5th pick back, as well as Miami’s pick at No. 18 (originally the Steelers’ pick). Detroit parlays the No. 3 pick into landing Ohio State CB Jeff Okudah and South Carolina DT Javon Kinlaw.

The pressing need at EDGE gets addressed in the second round, No. 35 overall, with Alabama’s Terrell Lewis. In the third round it’s Southern Illinois safety Jeremy Chinn, someone the Lions caught up close and personal during Senior Bowl week. Then he closes it out with Donovan Peoples-Jones, a WR from Michigan.

For me, the 1st 2 rounds are pretty good, I could live with that. But I woulda taken Tyler Biadasz instead of Chinn cuz I think they nneed an IOL more than another Safety. Then at 85 I might take Clyde Edwards-Helaire, RB out of LSU.

His way or my way, that’s a heckuva draft for us.


I don’t see Miami offering the 18th pick. It would be a no brainer for Detroit to accept of course. But I think they know Tua will be there when they pick and just hold tight. I mean Detroit gets the same guy at 5 they’d take a 3, and Miami gets the same guy at 3 they’d take at five.

Bears did it for Biscuit, we did it with Cleveland years ago when they wanted Winslow… It happens.

That would be an absolute home run. Grand slam IMO.

I wouldn’t put money on that draft (OP), but man you never know. The Chargers want a QB too, so there could be some competition there. Or not, we have a ways to go until the draft. But Geez, if the Lions could end up with Okudah and Kinlaw, that would be sweet.


I’d be pissed if we took Peoples-Jones over Pittman Jr. I’m not sure that safety is the biggest need but he’s great value at the top of the third.

If we were to get those first three picks MP has no excuse to not have a top half scoring defense.

Chargers do want a QB but I don’t think they can offer anything near a 18th OA pick unless they include their next years FRP. Miami has two firsts and two seconds. Chargers SRP is better than Miami’s by a couple spots, but Detroit would also be dropping back a spot further to 6OA from Miami’s 5OA. If both offered their first and second for our first I think I’d take Miami’s rather than risk Miami taking “our guy” at 5th or trading out to somebody who might.

Everybody knows we’ll be taking Okudah now and can move against us accordingly if we fall too far back.

Is there really a difference for us between #5 and #6? Is there a realistic chance Miami will take Okudah instead of Herbert? Or trade back for a QB?

The only way i see this happening is Miami feels another team with leap frog them for Tua. I read an article where a lot of teams like Herbert from Oregon so who knows

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Chargers could throw in a player plus their FRP, I’d rather take Miami’s deal though. BTW Miami has 3 1st round picks, 5, 18 (from PIT), and 26 (from HOU). I’d be surprised if they gave up 5 and 18, but they might give up 5 and 26. No Kinlaw at 26 IMHO, but they could still get a 1st round talent. 5 picks in the first 85 wouldn’t be bad at all.

Getting another 2021 1st round pick is not a bad idea. You need some ammo to move up to draft Trevor Lawrence. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You think we will need to move up?


I really hope the Lions are doing proactive scheme work to get more production out of their TEs this year. I’m not convinced their lack of production was a personnel flaw as much as it was a coaching flaw. Sorry not related.

If turning the tide for this team is a real potential, I really do think that a trade-down this year could be the thing that does it.

There should be a battle to get our pick between a few teams so I could easily see Miami giving up that package to move up. I think the Panthers could be a real sleeper to go up to number 3.

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I agree. Unless there’s another bidder, i.e. San Diego, who can’t offer much more this year than No. 6, No. 37 and No. 112, there’s no reason for the price to trade up two spots to be exhorbitant.

I could see a deal where the Lions get No. 39 overall or, in the alternative, Nos. 56 and 70.

Yeah, but Butch Davis was stupid, i.e. suckered, by the worst GM in the history of professional sports into thinking the Lions might take Winslow when they had no intention of doing so.

The lions used their tight ends to help block a lot last season. Shoot, I remember the Chargers game, they kept both tight ends in to block most of the game.

Maybe if our new ol can block a little better, we can use them in the passing game a bit more

QB trade deals are typically different than all other positions. Historically overpays have the majority of times occurred for QBs. Tua if deemed healthy absolutely should fit the bill. We will see.

I like it and Chinn in round 3 would be a steal.

Lewis is the only pick I’m like warm on. I think I’d rather have had a RB or WR with that pick.