Jeff Risdon on Stafford/Tua/Trade

Well there’s the kiss of death for Stafford fans. Lions will take Tua now that this clown says otherwise.

I just hope Justin Herbert kills @ the Combine and his Pro Day…because I’m not convinced Miami would trade up to 3. Why should they??

So the Chargers cant

Or the Panthers, or Bucs, or Raiders, or Colts

Don’t worry, he will. Herbert is the most talented QB in the draft and should excel at the combine and his workout days. He didn’t quite perform to the level of Burrow, but I believe he would have if had the WRs that were at LSU or Bama. I get why Burrow is the consensus #1OA, his deep ball accuracy is incredible, but I don’t see Tua getting picked before Herbert. Tua had the best OL, arguably the best WRs and is hurt, that is a lot to consider. If the Lions trade out of the 3 spot, i think Herbert will be the pick there

Risdon is not what I’d consider a “credible source” but 99% of the beat-writers or talk-show guys aren’t, so whatever.

He’s the Senior Bowl MVP, and was on the losing team.
That’s killing it, in my book.

He got the Lions lack of interest in CB Greedy Williams right. Beyond that it’s an opinion piece.