Jeff Risdon top 103 prospects

So many here love to carry the water for this clown. These rankings are good for a laugh. Risdon is a total joke. Most teams/ scouts will have rankings that differ greatly from consensus… but this is embarassing.


Baum at 15 and Winfield at 18? Wow that is quite rich. I like Epenesa a lot but 10 is too high as well.

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“this clown”?

Really? This is a totally subjective opinion. These kids haven’t even played a snap yet. Why so harsh on a rankings list? Maybe Risdon will be totally wrong, or maybe this list turns out to be pretty good? Nobody knows at this point.

Only time will tell. But to call this guy a “clown”, to me, is just ridiculous. Come on Iggy…you’re better than that buddy.

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Nah. You put a list out like this than you are a joke. If you rank AJ Espensa ahead of Simmons you are a clown. He is either just making this list as click bait or he is absolutely clueless.

Internet troll and tough guy, no one cares… How about your low IQ predictions? Do we need to list them off again? :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl:


One post: It’s not impressive that 60+ year old Bill Belichick ran a marathon at a pace of 12:30/ mile.

Next post: I sometimes get hurt bending over to pick up a paper clip.

Just stop. I don’t think you’re intelligent in general and you provide pretty much nothing of value in terms of football conversation. You and a few others are borderline obsessed with me it’s fucked. IDGAF if I get predictions wrong, because I also get many right that’s just the way it goes. It’s kind of weird that you have anything I say that’s wrong saved in your diary. Save your energy for something that matters.

If someone engages me I will respond.

He tried to explain what he felt you had said is all. He didn’t attack you in any way. Are you saying that when someone tries to discuss with you about your opinions, that you feel this is an attack?

You’re trying too hard. Welcome to ignore.

Hahaha not trying. Just pointing it out. Your welcome to ignore as well.

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Soooo you list off something I’ve said, then say I’m obsessed and say it’s weird that I remember the dumb things you’ve said… Who’s keeping the diary Iggy?

You literally contribute nothing here, 90% of the board doesn’t like you. I guess that’s something to hang your hat on bc it’s about twice the percentage of the amount of predictions you get right. And they’re not even predictions, that’s what makes you such a joke Iggy, you speak in absolutes. If I have a take that’s unpopular, I don’t claim it to be fact, I say IMO or I think… You just blabber on like your the god of knowledge. Well, you’re not, you’ve been proven wrong over and over again and keep digging yourself a bigger and bigger hole. We’re all armchair GMs, but you’re the only one who continues to troll this board with terrible “predictions”, and attack people who disagree. I sincerely feel bad for you bc living with that ego must be taxing… what’s worse is you probably are oblivious the the fact that you’re the cause of your own problems. Seek help Iggy

And It’s not impressive for BB to run a marathon at 12:30min/mile… Especially bc he ran a half marathon at 12min/mile, get your facts straight

There ya go, he’s faster than 15% of men in his age group… not impressed

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It’s not like you and I didn’t JUST go at it the other day lol but he’s so far off the reservation, it’s funny and sad at the same time. There’s one in every crowd I guess

I like a lot of it …to me he got DE, CB & RB was spot on …OT I like Wills but think Thomas might be the best of the bunch …QB is horrible …(Herbert all day, everyday ) LB Simmons I think he is spot on …a guy that can be special or a ?..WR I like Lamb more then most but then the others Jeudy over Ruggs both will should be great

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Iggy, please post your top … 20
I’d like to be enlightened

I would be on board with this …to me if staying at #3 It’s Young, Okudah or Herbert …

So iggy isn’t suppose to respond when he’s called, “an internet troll and tough guy”, and asking about his “low IQ predictions”? Just checking in, are those personal attacks?

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… wakes up…
“Let’s see who’s feathers I can ruffle today”

“It’s so easy”
… sleeps well…

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I would be interested in seeing that honestly



Actually, he’s faster than 15% of the men in his age group that attempted to run a half-marathon. Plenty of guys that age (or younger) wouldn’t even try. The Navy rates me in good to borderline excellent shape, and I couldn’t run a half-marathon right now.

Frankly, I’m with Iggy on the marathon thing. Running 13.1 miles at any speed when you are 60+ is impressive.

As for Iggy in general, just run the tone and wording of his posts through a filter and you’ll find plenty of good message board content. For example, just pretend that he wrote “This guy has a very strange way of ranking prospects that I totally disagree with!” and then respond appropriately.

Iggy (like everyone) posts some crazy stuff from time to time but the crap people give him is unnecessary. The first response to his post was fine- and you’ll note that Iggy didn’t respond hostily to it. It wasn’t until you flat out insulted him that things escalated.