Jeremiah mock 1.0

Last year he mocked the Hock and nailed it.

This year it’s Okudah.

In other words, book it. :slight_smile:

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I don’t quite know how I feel about this. I’m convinced Young is gone but wouldn’t Brown be the more logical pick for this defense. Him and a healthy Hand could make a difference.


I’d prefer Okudah based on both of their play.

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In this defense, Okaduh will be a bust If they don’t come up with a pass rush.

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If he can cover a #1 or #2 for 8-12 seconds every passing down out of the gate, then fine. But I highly doubt he can.

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If Quinn makes this pick it will be the end of his GM career. He will be gone by the end of next season. I have said for awhile now this will be the pick. We are back to the Millen years.

Okudah at 3 is bad value.

Okudah at 5 and Dobbins at 26 is good value

We will have to wait for FA to see if it will be Okudah or Brown at 3/5 however.

Chase at 3 is acceptable value, though I wish there was a foreseeable scenario where we get Chase at 5, but it would require another QB to move into the top 4 joining Burrow and Tua…


Taking the best player @ #3 OA is only acceptable? You guys crack me up.

I’m not knocking acceptable, just holding out for a really lopsided deal, unlikely as it may be.

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Okudah at 3 is good value.

Chase at 3 is great value

Okudah at 5 and Dobbins at 26 is amazing value


Yuck. Okudah screams bust to me. No CB that gets drafted here can succeed unless they start putting pressure on the QB.


Derrick Brown is NOT worth being a #3 overall pick, he’s not a difference maker.
I’m not sure where all the hype comes from on him but I’d rather have almost anyone than him at this pick!

He was my first choice when the Lions were guaranteed the #3 pick and still is. The NFL is a passing league and CB’s are arguably the most important position on defense along with DE’s. Flip a coin. These arguments that #3 is too high for a CB are hilarious. Take a look at the highest paid positions and get back to me.

If NFL refs decide to call Okudah’s hand-play? He’s screwed.

You take DBs named Deion Sanders third-pick-overall high. Okudah, who I think will be a solid NFL player, ain’t no Deion.


There is no doubt that they have to do something with pass-rush. A LOT of something. 32nd in pass-rush win rate according to ESPN. That’s not a problem a single draft pick can solve.

Yeah, I don’t see Elite skills or traits with Okudah either. He’s a 4.5 CB that when I watched, got away with a lot that would be called in the NFL.
I’m with you, I think he’ll adapt and be a good NFL player, just not a #3 overall CB.

CB’s can demand a lot of money so the value is there $-wise but this pick should be a DE or LT, not a DT or CB unless they are named Suh or Deion.

D-line, D-line, D-line. Can’t stress it any more.


Corner is premier position (cap wise) and Okudah is a premier corner prospect. Taking him @3 isn’t my ideal scenario but the value is good.

Mekhi Becton is the #4 overall pick?!



Mekhi Becton - OT

School: Louisville | Year: Junior

Dave Gettleman loves big, physical football players, and they don’t get any bigger than Becton (listed at 6-foot-7, 369 pounds). He is a mauler in the run game, and he’s shockingly nimble in pass protection.

Jordan Love taken before Herbert, interesting.



Jordan Love - QB

School: Utah State | Year: Junior (RS)

The Colts haven’t publicly committed to Jacoby Brissett as their starter in 2020, and Love is simply too intriguing to pass up. He might need to sit for a year, but the payoff could be huge.



Justin Herbert - QB

School: Oregon | Year: Senior

Teams are all over the map on Herbert. However, he does fit the profile for Bruce Arians – he’s big, strong and smart.