Jerry Juedy

After watching Bama UofM I am rethinking Jerry Juedy. He reminds me of another Jerry (Rice). He would be worthy of #3 pick even though we have bigger needs.

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No offense, I smelled this thread coming after today. lol

Agree that we can’t take him at three. Believe this place would come apart.

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No. You take WRs in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.

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I like him and CeeDee as well as a few other WR’s. This is a deep WR class and I’d like us to add another one.

I believe our offense needs more playmakers. We consistently stalled out when the game was on the line. Having the ability to grind out games with a run game would be the ultimate prize.

With that said I like WR if we trade down. Especially if we can get two firsts in a trade down.

I also feel we need more help at RB.

I suspect that BQ will try to address the defense with FA and use the draft to get playmakers. He needs to win now and I wouldn’t be shocked at any position he targets early in the draft.

Minny WR TJohnson had 200+ yds today. The name fits…for another round.

Tyler Johnson. He’d be another guy to target on Day 3. I’m very confident that round 4 will bring us a heckuva WR prospect.

Jeudy is a Gazelle out there on the field after the catch…I get the Jerry Rice similarities, too…Very smooooooth !!!

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The Lions have a historically bad defense. They must draft a defensive stud. I’m an offensive football guy but the defense has to get better.

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I think Justin Jefferson of LSU is more similar to Rice. Jeudy is more of a burner than Rice ever was. Jefferson just makes plays and is sneaky fast after the catch like Rice.


Justin Jefferson is another that (if he declares) probably goes in round 3 or 4 in this deep of a WR class.

Since when have the Lions ever cared what this place thought? Especially under Quinn!
Does taking Hock in the first and Tavai in the second strike you as if any thought at all was given to how this place would react?

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Cephus had a great TD catch. There’s another WR.

Woah-woah, I never said that. I was referring to internally, like us.

He’s a legit top 10 prospect this draft. He has a very low bust factor. My comp for him is a slightly bigger Emmanuel Sanders. Or dare I say, a bigger Titus Young. Similar stride and route running.


I would actually potentially be open to this if we are aggressive in FA on D and Chase Young is gone.
I loved the ability of Jeudy long before today, as have most folks. He looks like much more than just another great receiver. He looks like a generational talent with that speed and route running.
Too early to really say but I’m open to him…


The kid could be a play maker, but wr isn’t my concern. Like Iggy said we could get wr later rounds.

At 3? Absolutely not. In a trade down? Depends on how far we trade down.

Hypothetically let’s say we trade down with Oakland for 12, 19 and 90. I might take Jeudy at 12 in that scenario. At a certain point the value becomes difficult to pass on.

I’ll say this for Jeudy… If you’re at 3, you have to get a player who’s going to be a difference-maker in the NFL.

And Jeudy’s going to be that.

That said, WR is not a position of vital need for the Lions, and I’d prefer Young or even Burrow.

(This is where some of you will say, “QB’s not a need either!” to which I ask you what you’re basing that on. Because I’m basing it on a 30-something QB who has an unusually large number of hits and road miles on his body, who has had broken back issues each of the past two seasons.)

I doubt Jeudy gets too much past 10, if that. You can see 2 QB, Chase,Brown,Thomas as a pretty good top 10 lock. Beyond that it’s BPA and needs based and IMO Jeudy goes in the next 5 picks