Jessie James

Am I the only one sitting here trying to figure out why they gave him 25 mil to have what 3-4 catches.He is a talented player and should be playing and being involved.Seems like money that could have gone towards a pass rusher or to re up someone.

Him and Flowers. I liked the signing, but we are not using him at all.

Darren Fells has 3 TD’s this year. They let Ebron go, Fells go, and then relied on a guy who had caught like 3 passes to be their new #1. NOW, we knee jerked into using a first round pick and big FA money and have gotten what so far?

Ouch… harsh, but… pretty accurate. I see the ability with Hockenson, but man he’s dropped some key passes and I thought he was like the most sure handed guy ever. To have Hockenson/James/Thomas and Golladay and be literally impotent in the redzone is insane. Run them all 4 goes and throw an 8 foot ball to the most open guy 3 straight plays and see if you don’t freaking come away with 7 instead of 3.

James is just a guy and I never liked the signing. Way overpaid simply to get someone who is competent but nothing special.

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So i am biased towards JESSE. He is literally a family member of mine, so I am happy he is in Detroit. That said he isn’t ever going to wow you. He is going to go under the radar alot and flash from time to time.

good point. this does put it in perspective rather well. everything that was talked about in preseason in this regard has seemed to produce few results on the field at least so far.

i don’t think some people are questioning the guy’s talent. i thought he was a solid pickup. the thing is that they brought him in before they drafted hockenson. perhaps they weren’t sure they were going to be able to land TJ or that TJ would struggle more as a rookie and share more snaps? there was also talk of more double TE looks, etc.

so i think what some might be questioning is why the lions paid a guy that much money to mostly be a backup. i don’t know what the official snap counts are so perhaps i’m talking out my ass. but it looks like maybe the lions now find themselves in a position based on what i said above that they didn’t expect.

since you are “family”, i’d be curious to know if mr james is a bit pissed that he isn’t seeing as much service as maybe he expected? :wink: i think one of the reasons he stated for bolting from Pitt was that he wanted to be featured more. of course there was more money too. but if what he said was true, i can’t help but think he isn’t a bit disappointed regardless of whether he’s a team guy or not.

Letting Ebron go was a good move. I always liked Fells.

Yep, not known as a receiver but seemed to respond when given the opportunity. He’s making $1.5 million this year.