Jets and Saleh

He’s heading to New York today for a 2nd interview. Per NFL Network

Apparently they were impressed with him and like him a lot…

I expect a lot of vacancies filled this week…

He’s my #1 choice for the Lions…

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I have this feeling in my gut that we are doing “way too much due diligence” on candidates and we will end up waiting too long. There’s gonna be a run to fill vacancies and if we stand idle we will end up settling instead of getting who we want.

Hopefully I’m wrong, but we shall see.


The Eagles have asked for an interview as well

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I think Bienemy will end up with the Eagles gig.

Yep I’m thinking the same thing. we’ll end up with bevell because we waited too long.

He might turn it down given how they’ve treated Reid and the last Reid disciple.

So irritating. Make a freaking move.

Let’s give Spielman some time before freaking out.

The problem here is the rest of the league isn’t waiting for us. There are 6 other vacancies, if we decide on a guy but he’s snatched up else where that’s a major blow.

Be thorough yes, but strike before the rest do as well.

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We are totally gonna miss out on the Saleh Dodds hire.

Jets are gonna offer Saleh the job today and Dodds will probably follow.

Well - “if” he ends up a great coach… I want him to go to the Jets anyways if we waited too long!

The Jets already have a GM, they have no room for Dodds

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Thank goodness.

So now what? Dodds/Eberflus or Dodds/Campbell?

I find it hard to believe Dodds wants Campbell.

Risdon and Lance Zierlein said that Campbell was a finalist and the pick of Dodds for the Colt job.

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Link? I want to read this.

I don’t think ‘missing out’ is a fair term here.

We could have multiple offers out there … but anyone in contention for Chargers, Jags, Jets, and Texans is going to wait until they are officially out of the running for those jobs before committing to the Lions.

Inconvenient, but true.

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Reminder that you can embed tweets by pasting the full URL. In this case …

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I know the board is split on Risdon…but he really does know his stuff. He was saying the lions had zeroed in on Okudah at the senior bowl. I belong to another forum where Risdon is also a member and posts and talks all the time…he is saying Campbell is very much in play.

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We are above the Texans. Remember the Fords pay well and keep you forever