Jets - could they go 0-16?

Look at their remaining schedule!

Outside this next week, away, against the Chargers - who can the be favored to beat the rest of the way?

Didn’t Darnold get injured today? Thought I saw it on the crawl during the game.

He was out. Joe Flacco got the start.

Ty Johnson had 3 carries for 42 yards. :grinning:

34 on one run; 8 yards on 2 …

I’ll repeat my comment on the Jets from the Nice Win thread

Jets look like someone got the 2008 Lions
1000 piece puzzle box, missing about 175 pieces


I wish the Jets played Jax in Week 17 this year. Both coming in 0-15

It would be interesting to watch the Tank for Trevor Fest

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Somewhere the Jags beat the Colts in week 1

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I like the color of their helmets. That is all.


Oh, my bad. I can’t believe they have a win :crazy_face:

Can you imagine if NYJ gets the first overall pick and Trevor Lawrence says no thanks and stays for his senior season?

But if I’m his agent, even a situation like the Jets, I’m encouraging him to jump in. T-Law + NY market =
Free money-printing machine.

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I have Sunday ticket and DJ Chark and Gardner Minchew on my fantasy team so I’ve watched way more Jags games than I should have.

There weren’t a dumpster fire the 1st 3 weeks.

I have no idea what happened these last 3 weeks.

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Once Adam Gase is fried they will win a game or two.

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I do know brother - I think thier remaining Scheudle is brutal