Jets looking to move Bell

I would take Bell in a heart beat.

I don’t really pay attention to how contracts in the NFL work, but if the Jets can eat a big part of the contract like the Tigers did with Verlander and Prince Fielder, then I say go for it.

It could be a steal getting him. I mean, it is the Jets.

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I am all in on Bell. This would be a definite game changer

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The Jets are such a bad organization…i feel for JET fans. I would be interested in this move…depending on the money. Part of the issue for me with the Gordon idea is the fact I have never really been a Gordon fan and don’t feel like he is in the same tier as some of the other elite dynamic backs. He is good but is he Bell or Barkley or Elliott good?

No Gordon is definitely in a tier below. Bell can handle a full workload meaning 90%+ plus of the snaps. Bell is probably 1 of maybe 6 RBs in the league who are legit 3 down backs and can handle it.

I wouldn’t be upset if we got Gordon, he is a quality player but definitely a tier below Bell.


This might be feasible. Can a cap expert weigh in?

The Jets have $9.8 in cap space and trading Bell now would accelerate his $8mil signing bonus to this season, which would be an additional $6mil in cap charge? So that would leave the Jets with about $3.8 in space I believe.

Bell over Gordon all day long and twice on Sundays. I’m sure they’re looking for a 1st.

There are RBS who need a good line to be dominate, such as Gordon and every rb on our roster, and then there are those that make the line better… like Zeke, Barkley and bell.
Bell is a very patient running and helps set up the blocks. If nothing there he powers for what he can get. He’s been setting the example this year, running and playing hard even in the games they are out of. This move would be a game changer and make a statement. I would give up a 1st for him and his contract really isn’t horrible for his talent.
KJ could be a great #2.
Get it done

Jets RB Le’Veon Bell is cheap for the rest of 2019 ($1.06M left in base, $281K in per-game rosters), if a team wants to trade for him.

Issue comes next year: He’s due $13.5M in '20 ($4.5M roster bonus, $8.5M base, $500K in per-game rosters), most of which is fully guaranteed.

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They can do that but it’s going to drive the draft pick compensation up.

A pretty hefty contract even with the Jets eating the signing bonus:

Agree 100% …id be on board with bell and that hes a tier better than gordon. Just gotta see how his contract would work in our salary cap for the future. If signing him means getting rid of Slay, i might not be on board or would have to think about it.

We have money just sitting around doing nothing that can easily pay for Bell.


Bell would be a very nice fit. Fills our most glaring need and is affordable. Just spit balling but package the Diggs 5th and a 3rd may do it.

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So, you couldn’t just release him next year?
Hard to believe that $13m is fully guaranteed?
Kind of a stupid deal
Double stupid on the Jets … Gads

Ok true. but let me ask you, and i know the salaries dont match, but if you had your choice of free agent pick up, who would you rather have? Von Miller at around or Bell ?


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No idea what is appropriate but his value diminishes if much of his remaining contract is guaranteed

I’m getting old and dumb but I can’t figure out what his cap number would be for his new team.

Anyone can help?

As much as I like the Bell idea I think we really need to shore up defense. I don’t know how soon we get our players healthy if at all this year. As frustrating as it was to watch 25 - 1 yard runs Sunday, we still are doing OK on offense. No way we beat a better team with our defense playing the way it is playing. If we could get Bell AND get some defensive help fine. But if it is one or the other I would lean toward defense.

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