Jets looking to move Bell

3.2 ypc & 5.8 ypr—not 2003 Olandis Gary numbers, but close. No wonder the Jets want to dump Bell’s contract.

It’s also just ‘20 that is guaranteed if I’m reading his contract right. So we’d owe him about 14.5m for two years which is a steal.

I’m interested if it doesn’t take a first

Would you rather give up a 3rd for Gordon and his 2.9ypc and 3 fumbles in 44 touches?

Damn good numbers if you happened to see who was playing QB for them.

This type of opportunity doesn’t come around much, so I fully expect the Lions to not even consider it.

This is the type of move that can catapult you to a deep playoff run!

Get it done Quin!

Don’t waste Stafford’s best year!

Wouldn’t be unhappy with Gordon either…

Under normal circumstances I don’t advocate for trading firsts away… And I haven’t seen what the asking price is… But this is something I would consider.

He has a guaranteed price tag for 2020, but I don’t see that as a deterrent. Especially if the 1.5 years for $14mil is right.


Yeah Bell and it’s not even close.

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Man. Kind of surprised that how boring of a deadline day it’s been. Either nothing significant is going to happen, or there will be a flurry in a couple hours. I just hope Quinn doesn’t go and make a move just for the sake of making moves, like he did last week.

Sounds like a fire sale going on in Jetland (heard on 97.1). Damn near everyone is on the table.

The Jets are competing with Miami. They’re both going to tank until Brady retires.

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I wouldn’t mind a move for Bell, but a 1st round pick is off the table IMO. I’d struggle with a 2nd. The guy is a timebomb and “if” he decides he doesn’t like a move you made, or what he’s being paid at the moment, he may just decide to do what he’s already done to a team that was a SB contender, let alone us. I’d be fine absorbing the contract, but not the contract AND coming off a high draft pick. Now “if” we move Slay and pick up a first rounder there, then perhaps a 2nd for Bell doesn’t sting as much.

He just doesn’t have what I want to see above the shoulders to throw the money and our future at him. RBs are prone to injury so there is only so much you can invest in one guy at that position and have it make sense. Would probably rather just deal Slay for the Eagles first and Howard who you then can make a 3M/year investment in for a couple year extension. Then keep the picks for next year. 1a, 1b, 2 and 3 can do a lot for us.

Bell would cost us in 2019 $1 Million …$13.5 Guaranteed in 2020 and could then be cut or traded by us with no dead cap money we would owe him nothing or keep at his current contract #'s…
The money is available to us and we will be carrying over significant money into 2020 and + having a ton of money in 2020 but the issue is Martha does not have to spend a penny of it as she has already met the money needed to be spent for the current CBA and could pocket the excess coin

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Sometimes these guys wait until the last minute on purpose. As they say “deadlines make deals,” so if you are trying to play hardball with anybody your chances of getting them to cave on buying or selling a player they need or desperately do not want goes up at 3:30pm vs 10:30am (for instance).

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I never got the idea that Martha is penny pinching. I believe she leaves those decisions to BQ and the front office.

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I agree. Martha has way more passion to win no matter what the cost than her Husband did.

I don’t think we need a rb bad, we need to shore up the dline more. Also don’t think we will do anything at all.

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I’d love to hear what the offers are.