Jets Open to Trade Jamal Adams

Not sure if this was discussed in the other thread, but wow I would love to get him in our backfield. Would be a instant leader in our backfield.

They are asking for multiple picks

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shit…id love to somehow get him and Bell in some sort of package deal.

Big safety.

Uber productive.

Only 24 years old.

If the price is right, pull the trigger.

The price won’t be right though.

Adams is not the kind of player you dump as a prelude to a rebuild. He’s a cornerstone piece. They’d have to get a big overpay to trade him I think…

Minkah Fitzpatrick says hi!:joy:

Well, Fitzpatrick didn’t want to play in the box and asked to be traded, so he wasn’t positioned to be a cornerstone player.

How about Tunsil

The exception that proves the rule. :slight_smile:

Wanted to revisit this. Always a chance he gets dealt. I know we are likely not in the market…but we should be. Take whatever extra picks you get in a trade down…say a high 2nd and 4th rounder…and tell the Jets take it or leave it :stuck_out_tongue:

End up with Okudah/Simmons @ 5 or 6 AND Jamal Adams. Yeah you have to pay Adams…but he is worth it IMO.

I wonder what the deal is. Is he problematic with the staff and just not as out there publicly? Wouldn’t want this to be a much more expensive version of Harrison.

Poor Adams. From one shitty organization to another.

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