Jets, Raiders and 49ers

All 3 lose and a loss against GB gives us the 2nd pick.
All 3 games are tough. Jets face off against the Pats, Raiders against the Chiefs, and 9ers get the Rams.
Lets hope they can pull off some upsets.

Rams looking to get the bye with a win and Bears loss

NE needs win to hold serve on bye

Chiefs need to win for HFA through AFC and Division if Chargers win

Nobody lying down today. Figures.

Yah its not lookin too good.
But ya never know I guess.
Pats haven’t been the same as they were in previous years, although they are the Patriots and normally find a way to turn it around.

Rams will be without Gurley it looks like. Although the 49ers are terrible in most areas.

Chiefs have the best young QB in the game. Losing Kareem Hunt has done nothing to slow that team down and again, the Raiders are a mess.

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I don’t think we’re going to be trending down in the draft order, we’ll probably end up middle of the pack.


I have to say I enjoying quickly scanning to say, at least the Bears are worse than us. Even better though, NO PICK FOR YOU!