Jets trying to trade L. Bell

I wouldn’t think he’d have a whole lot of value.

It appears he wants out.

Lions would be nuts to bring that guy in. They need to be giving snaps to Swift instead of Bell.


I see rookie’s performing all over the league. I don’t get what we are waiting for with Swift.


Smartest man in the room!


Anyone would be nuts to trade for him. He has an 8+ mil cap hit and is averaging less than 4 yrds per carry.

I can’t see why anyone would want that.

I error my thinking all the time…

if swift is put out there as many as demanding… and he doesn’t get Passpro right… and Matt is the next Dak … you will blame the coaches for doing exactly what you all are demanding…

I prefer 4/0 but we are not. I prefer swift playing and producing and protecting but he’s not…

I only have one ask… we win the next game…

It’s interesting, I’m on record as disliking the Swift pick (I may have been the only one), but I actually feel better about it now than I did after the draft. I knew he was a good receiver but he’s actually better than I thought, and it provides a path for him to succeed in the league.

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Why’s re we allergic to running him in between the tackles? Swift is short but he’s not tiny.

I’m not sure why would Bell want to come here should be the question. Personally I would want to be traded to a contender not a pretender.

Yeah I wasn’t high on Swift either. I saw him as a weapon, not really an every down RB that could carry the load like Taylor. Still waiting for the coaches to prove me wrong.

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Lions wasted a high 2nd rd pick on a part-time running back…unbelieveable

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He was dumb for leaving pittsburgh. Jets are a almost a bigger joke then us.

Yeah, I don’t think he’s anywhere near as talented as a runner as McCaffrey or Kamara, but if he can at least provide us with the lite version of those guys, it will turn out better than I thought.

He won’t be part time next year. He will get a 75/25 split w KerrydOff or greater.


No chance Lions trade for Bell. I’ll go as far to say no team will trade for Bell. He’s on his way to being released into retirement. Maybe he gets one more shot but I doubt it.

That’s fair, but KeJo is doing an excellent job in pass pro and unlike AP is a threat in the passing game giving us way more versatility. It should be the KeJo/Swift show with AP getting short yardage work and as a workhorse in the 4 minute offense if by some freaking miracle we’re ever ahead of anyone and want to drain the clock.

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Steelers had Ben/Lev Bell/Antonio Brown and a great defense. They could all have more rings. Instead two divas thought they were more important than the team. Last SB win 2009. Although they are looking pretty solid this year. What a shame. Talent is important, but if you lack the neck up piece you won’t go very far for very long.

Because Lion rookies are special. Have to bring them along slowly.

Sounds like he got released.

Lions would be fools to not bring this guy in. What do they have to lose? Bell is an every down back. Swift and KJ is not