Jets trying to trade L. Bell

L.Bell will have nothing to complain about …

When L.Bell gets up to speed on the KC playbook he will be RB#1A …CEH will be RB#1B & is going to take a back seat to Bell in any situation that has the Defense in tight. His patience and vision are Elite
CEH has his strengths and is a perfect fit for KC when the Defense is spread out . Bell is the same… a perfect fit… but is more refined in every way but is also a better RB in tight situations and a better pass blocker as well .

The Bell package comes in at 6’'1 225- 230 lbs , a real weapon in the Red Zone and in situations that have the Defense in tight and less spread out .

CEH thus far has failed to be that runner that can score inside the 10 …0 TD’s on 12 carries inside the 10 yard line …
Bell has 38 rushing TD’s in his career, 36 of them from inside the Red Zone and 31 of them from inside the 10 , to go along with his 12 receiving TD’s all of which were on receptions of 3 yards or less .

Over the last 4 games CEH has been a 3.8 yards per carry RB and has scored zero TD’s since week #1
Bell will have a ton of opportunities in KC’s offense to shine and will be a happy camper .

It will be interesting to see what Bell has left in the tank. He’s really not done much since 2017 was the last year he averaged even 4 yards per carry. He’s only finished a 16 game season once in his life and he’s only rushed for 6200 yards in his 8 year career, one of which he sat-out.

I think this is the first chance that KC has had an opportunity to add a quality back-up to add to their rotation since Damien Williams opted-out for the year. Darrell Williams has been a dud…but maybe it’s been KC’s blocking as well.

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I bet he runs for over 1000 yards this year… People forget how good he was/can be… The Jets are a dumpster fire


I have no doubt that he will look improved in KC. He likes to play, wants to play and is on a contender. Not to mention he’s playing for his final contract too. I suspect that KC Will get the very best that he can offer.

There is a long list of players who magically became productive again as soon as they got away from Gase

I dont think we see the old L’eveon on the field that we are used to seeing…I dont think he’s as good as he used to be.

Probably not but he’s better than he’s been while playing under Gase.