JJ watts leadership and Texans defense

What is wrong with Texans ?. Jj watt is the face of their franchise and their defense always screw them in their big games . Watt is always silent in big games and when he makes one sack it’s overblown out of proportion . I am questioning his leadership as a player , their team defense sucks

It’s because Romeo Crennel is their defensive coordinator and he’s overweight


Watts can’t stay healthy . When healthy I don’t see any impact . Lot of money spent on him too . Watson is good , everybody else need to be fired . Clowney is the dumbest player i have seen , Jump off side on every play

Lol clowney doesn’t even play for Houston :joy: Watt played every game last year, had 16 sacks, he’s a top 5 defensive player when healthy

Yep. Clowney has 9 offside penalties this year. I have a feeling the Lions are going after him.