Joe burrow to lions?

It’s possible

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Lol. I am not a MV fan, but I give him credit. He does what he needs to do for ratings and he normally does it very well.

It’s not completely unheard for Tua to still go #1 where the majority of experts had him going not long ago. I get it, we all get it. He had an injury. Cool. Where does he stand now? Is the outlook sketchy, cloudy, bright, etc?

My guess is still that Burrow goes #1. Not because he’s the best QB talent, but because he’s still awesome and he’s safer at the moment.

But, playing along, if Tua went #1, and Young went #2, I still see us passing to severely reach on a player like Okudah that won’t help us much this year either and is a terrible value.

If Burrow is there at 3 we should take him


I would take Burrow but not Tua


If Joe Burrow was on the board to us, I would expect nothing less than at least 3 teams with trade offers.

If we don’t get at least 2 first rounders in any trade down, I would just take him and develop him for a year and see what happens. But I wouldn’t take Tua in that same situation, just see injury bust in him.


I just can’t fathom any way in which he’s not the Bengals pick.

None of us know how interviews go. We are all just going under the media assumption that the Bengals love Burrow.

Honest question. Did you see injury bust in Stafford after he missed the majority of his first 2 seasons with injury?

Honestly I don’t remember. But his injuries were not ones that I would have considered to be permanent being shoulder injuries. Had he had hip or knee injuries, I might have been more skeptical.

I could be wrong with Tua, I will admit that, but I don’t think I will be. The risk is not worth the reward especially when you have a perceived QB on your team that is more than capable (despite your aversion to him).

Fair take. I’ve always put the caveat in place that I don’t get his medical records or anything. Him being taken at #3 is all predicated on clearance and team physicians checking out his charts and everything. If he looks good to go after a few more months of rehab, then passing on him could be worse than Ebron over Donald.

As far as the Stafford stuff, I’m just more than ready to see what another high talent could do here. We know how far MS can take this team. We know he is talented. For me, I also think there are a good 8-12 QBs in the league that are better and perhaps could win us 1 or 2 or 3 more games per year. That could be the difference in winning a division, a playoff game or god forbid MORE! :slight_smile: It’s been more than a decade since we even attempted to put a legit back up QB on the roster. Why do people hate the idea of putting at worst, competition at the most important position in sports, and at best, a possible HOF level QB on the team for the next decade or 2? We take stupid chances on like 3 highly drafted tight ends, sloth CBs, injury prone RBs, slow LBs, but we can’t roll the dice on a potential game changer? I don’t get the mindset, that’s all.

The problem is the HC’s and GM’s they keep regurgitating and giving to the Lions that have no idea how to get this team to a damn bowl and I’ll say I don’t give a rats ass who is QB here…it’s not happening. IF Quinn AND Patricia are still here with a new /raw first time NFL QB, It’s not going to happen ‘here’ in Detroit Ala Instant Fix. Stafford is top 2 and 3 in things as Air pointed out AND a vet…and the circus can’t get their chit together. 3 to 6 wins ?? doesn’t cut it.

Burrow we could consider. I would still take Chase Young, but Burrow does not have an injury we cannot review medically…