Joe Judge to NYG, Matt Rhule to Carolina

Special team coordinator / wide receiver coach Joe Judge from New England to be the head coach for the Giants and Matt Rhule from Baylor will be coaching the Panthers… Apparently Rhule got a 7 year $60 million contract with an extra $10 million in incentives :eyes:


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These NFL coaches continue to find young, unqualified white guys instead of looking at experienced black coaches. Who the hell is Joe Judge? What has he done? He and Rhule will be terrible coaches but will get multiple coaching jobs. It’s hilarious. He shouldn’t be considered over Bieniemy. Sheesh!!


I am surprised Rhule went to the NFL before Urban Meyer or even Lincoln Riley for that matter, but definitely Urban Meyer.

Rhule has done a great job at Baylor, they were a dumpster fire just 2 years ago before he was hired. Meyer can be picky and I don’t think Riley wants to leave OK tbh.

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Rhule is taking Sean Ryan from us to be his OC

Good grief. Both his OC and DC have Lions ties.

I heard this on NFL radio. Surprised Rhule is taking the MP route by hiring coordinators with little to no NFL coordinator experience. A first time HC with first time coordinators isn’t a recipe for success. I never understand why coaches do this.

Hey! A bigger shitshow than us!

Off-season going well so far!

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Let’s leave race out for a minute I believe the Joe Judge hire is a friggen joke. Gettleman is a joke of a GM too. Bieniemy isn’t the only experienced NFL coach who was snubbed here. There are several NFL coaches deserving of a chance before Joe Judge was.

Now on to the race side. The NFL really has an issue here. Many young promising black coaches are believing they have a better future in the college ranks than the NFL. I can’t blame them. I suspect the NFL will continue to lose good black coaches to the college ranks.

I think a GM would be smart to hire Bieniemy and let him recruit a bunch of young quality black coaches for his staff.

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This take ( Judge & Rhule will be terrible Coaches and shouldn’t be considered over Bieniemy) is trash and racist . Bieniemy should be a shoe in or the go to candidate …why? Because he is Black ?
Bieniemy is no more qualified to be a HC then Joe Judge is . Especially when the offense has Andy Reid written all over it .
Matt Rhule is in a different world then Bieniemy from a Coaching stand point.

Is a bunch of qualified Black Coaches being overlooked ? Sure. The same applies to White Coaches. You hate on the Coaches hired because they were not black. The chosen coaches had no say in that process whatsoever .

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Leave race out of it ? You liked the post ?

This idea of hiring Bieniemy by a GM so he can recruit quality black coaches is a racist statement in itself…So quality white coaches need not apply ? A GM should turn one of the 32 NFL franchises into an experiment of race at the coaching level ?
And when that same staff Drafts a White QB they will be Uncle Toms, sell outs. …stop it.

To be clear here I would have loved Singletary as a HC …he is a guy who deserves another shot and no one here was a bigger fan of Caldwell than me …Color has no merit to me anyway .

Boy you took that to the extreme. Please do not put words in my mouth.

I never said white coaches couldn’t be on his staff.

But let’s not deny that the NFL is losing good African American coaches to the college ranks. Some very good black coaches won’t come to the NFL because they believe the NFL is biased.

Look at MP and Rhules staff. They filled them with unqualified and inexperienced personnel because they had a difficulty recruiting experienced candidates. This is a common problem in the NFL.

Look at Caldwell as an example. He was able to recruit some very good black assistants but his entire staff wasn’t filled with just African Americans. A smart GM should recognize that the right black HC will have a large talent pool to fill his staff with. A much larger field than some of these other young coaches would have.

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I did not put words in anywhere or said, you said, anything …
I asked a question that is clear

The idea you hire a Bieniemy because he is black and that would give him the inside track to talented black coaches is ludicrous. The same white coach could attain the same coaches and they are not turning it down do to a white HC .

Like his players Patricia marches to his own drum and has what he is looking for …wrong or right.

Matt Rhule is not having trouble here …He knows what he wants , he has a plan and is implementing it . What makes you think differently ? You know he has been turned down by quality black coaches from the college ranks or elsewhere?
The Owner and the GM know this, you do not bring a guy on board in Rhule for 7 years at $60 to $70 Million dollars and expect a year one miracle , it’s a process, you fill the jobs with the people who will stay and are part of the plan long term . It’ s the same reason why you let Patricia and Quinn sink or swim for at least 2 more years. You build something not piece it together quick for a decent win total .

NYL this is exactly what you like to do when you disagree with someone. You make a statement that was nothing at all like I commented about. Then you argue from that point. You took my post to the extreme. To be honest it’s childish behavior. You know exactly what your doing.

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Not at all true and NFL history has proven otherwise. Black coaches are leaving the NFL because they feel opportunities aren’t there.

Proof to support my statement.

As for Matt Rhule. I have no idea what point your trying to make. I said nothing about Rhule having trouble. This Is just another example of my earlier point.

You have no idea the point im trying to make ??? Air not remotely the situation you said exactly that …

No I have no idea what your point is. Your acting like I said something I did not say and arguing a point I never made.

Please Quote where I said Rhule was having trouble picking black coordinators? I never said that. Or anything to the such.

I did already quote you , but here it is again :thinking:

Well? Did I read this quote wrong ?

Yes … no where did I say he was turned down by black coaches or did I make any connections to either of them and my statements about black coaches. Your taking two separate points that I made and are combining them to fit your narrative.

With that said after re-reading my posts I guess I can see where you may have mistaken my points. (I also had a mis-type that I corrected) So …I’ll take the blame here. I could have been more clear. So I will clarify.

Point 1 - MP and Rhule both are first time HC’s and they filled their coaching staffs with coordinators and coaches with no prior NFL experience. Personally I think this is foolish and a recipe for disaster. (My opinion)

In MP’s case he only had ties to NE and it’s a no no to pick from that cookie Jar.

In Rhules case he has few connections in the NFL so he’s in a difficult position to recruit qualified coordinators. Rhule lost out on the Jets job last year because of this. The Jets wanted him if he could bring in a more experienced staff and he couldn’t.

Point 2 - (This is why I separated the two in my very first post. They are separate points) The NFL has a real problem. That problem is that there are few African American HC’s and coordinators in the NFL. As a result more and more quality black coaches are leaving the NFL in favor of college jobs. The college ranks are filled with black coaches yet the NFL has few and it’s getting fewer. I added a twitter post to support this statement. It’s not an opinion. This is fact. The NFL knows they have this problem. That’s why the Rooney rule exists. It’s also why the league applied pressure in 2018 to teams in search of a new HC. Here’s proof.

Point 3 - it was tied into point 2. A GM would be wise to hire a well respected black HC who could convince other black coaches to join his staff by proving to them that opportunities do exist inside the organization. (This is not a racist statement and I am greatly offended you tried to turn it into one) If you read racism here than your reading something that is not there in any shape or form.

Lastly - I did not say MP or Rhule we’re having difficulty hiring black coaches. No where did I say that either.

With this clarification I’m going to bow out from this discussion. Please do not try to put words or thoughts (especially of racism) in my posts.

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