Joe Thuney over Graham Glasgow?

I think it’s well known the Lions seem content on letting GG go via FA. Most (including myself) believe that BQ is wanting a cheaper option at OG. This had me doing some deep thought (which is never a good thing).

The following thoughts ran through my head.

Why would BQ pay a guy like TJ Lang top money but not be willing to resign his own home grown OG? A versatile player with fairly good blocking grades? Hmmmm…

We’ve watched the Lions groom out vocal players in Tate and Diggs. They’ve even attempted to trade another vocal player in Slay. I haven’t heard any rumors about GG being outspoken or not buying in but it’s plausible. Could that be the reason?

Not to mention with all the bad publicity the Lions have gotten in the press from former players you’d think they’d want to try hard to resign their own… Wouldn’t you?

After stewing on those thoughts suddenly it made some sense.

What if … it’s not about the money. What if it has nothing to do with GG in the locker room or what he has or hasn’t accomplished. What if the Lions have someone else in their sights? Someone they feel will bring more to the table for near identical money.

Insert NE OG Joe Thuney - We all know that MP and BQ just can’t sign enough former NE players. They are trying to implement a locker room culture and their plan seems to be to sign as many players as they can that they know will buy in. Players they trust to implement the coaches vision and locker room culture. Former NE players.

Joe Thuney suddenly makes a ton of sense. Both GG and Joe Thuney are hitting FA. Both are expected to bring around 9-10 mil a year. NE will have a difficult time resigning Thuney because they paid Shaq Mason a big contract in 2018 and it maybe hard to pony up that much for a second OG. Not to mention Thuney is an upgrade over GG. He won an amazing 97% of his blocking matchups last season which ranked him second only to Marshall Yanda. He was instrumental in helping NE shut AAron Donald down.

Is it possible the media and Lions fans maybe looking at this all wrong and that GG is hitting FA only because the Lions know they can land Thuney? They plan on being the high bidder for his services?

Something to think about … let it sink in a minute and then let’s hear your thoughts.


Something that’s also a factor…
Thuney is just ahead of Dahl in the leagues top win rate at G. (They are both top 7 or so.)

Also, knowing their emphasis on providing a pocket that the QB can step into, that win rate is paramount. It’s important to have someone with the strength to absorb those defenders without giving up ground. Glasgow can run block in the 2nd level nicely. He has better wheels than an anchor. He should fill in nicely somewhere there is more movement on the line and by the QB. Here, I fully support having strong blockers that hold their ground as their preeminent trait.


Good points - the more thought I put into this the more it makes sense. But maybe we’re outsmarting our own GM … lol

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C’mon, man. We’re scalping the Pats, it’s right in his wheelhouse.


After reading what LB is saing, I would go with Thuney. I just think GG is going to cost too much and they don’t value that position enough to pay top dollar…if they do pay Thuney top dollar then that would shock me.

If Glasgow and Thuney are expected to cost roughly the same, then why wouldn’t we just resign Glasgow? He knows our scheme, he can play all 3 interior positions, and he’s durable.

If we could get Thuney for $6mil per year while Glasgow would cost $9mil per year, then I can see the logic for moving on. You can get good football players for $3mil.

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Because we think Thuney is a better player?

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Exactly - And he’s a Patriot. Which seems to hold a great deal of value to this coaching staff.

Tip of the hat. That’s some really good detective work.


That is a great thought but it doesn’t explain Wiggins and Glasgow spitting time.

I think it appears that the Lions just don’t think Graham is as good as we thought Graham was/is, esp. as Graham plays three positions for the Lions.

If a guy wants bigger $ I am always fine with waiting to the point where a team knows exactly what they have in a guy. Fir example…Golladay has one left on his deal but he is a stud and one more year will not tell me anything. Lock down Kenny now. Graham though? I was and am fine waiting to see what he brings to the table after four full seasons. And in year four Kenny split time with Wiggins.

I think the Lions are keeping their eyes open and Thuney makes a whole lot of sense IF Quinn is looking to see who is available before committing to Glasgow. Thuney is 28 in November and was a 3rd rd. pick in 2016 just like Graham. Graham is 28 in August. That means Quinn would have done his home work on both guys in 2016. Thuney was taken 17 picks before Quinn took Glasgow. These guys are almost the same exact build too.

At the very least Bob has his pick and can re-sign Graham or he can play a little hard ball knowing Thuney is likely to be available to at least test the market.

It is nice to have options at the very least.

The problem is Miami’s got a much bigger need at iOL than we do and A LOT more cap space. All of there fans expect them to go after Thuney and we can’t win a bidding war with them. So I doubt we’re letting Glasgow go while banking we’ll bring Thuney in (though I expect we’ll try, of course).

My hunch is they just don’t think Glasgow’s worth all that much, and I agree with them.

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The Lions are not going to let Glasgow go to sign a different Guard for that money. They only let him go to use those cap dollars elsewhere.

I just don’t trust Pats linemen that hit free agency. I don’t remember the last one that worked out.

Trent Brown was great in Oakland.

Trent Brown was a decent starter before he got to New England.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Lions grand plan is to sign Teddy Karras.

I read on one of the Lions fan sites that if we paid another OL player 10M per year, we’d be only the 2nd team in the league to invest that heavily (3 O linemen paid above 10M annually). TB is the only one now.

I think you are right that they feel like this year they are as heavily invested in OL salaries and cap space as they want to be.

That would be very incorrect.

According to that Wagner is our highest paid OL and his average is less than 10 mil (9.5 mil) a year. Notice how we compare to the NFCN teams. See below I laid it out for you.

Taking a quick glance I noticed the following.

Both SB teams had two players averaging higher than that.
KC Eric Fisher 12 Mil and Mitchell Schwartz 11.2m.
SF Joe Staley 14m and Westin Richburg 9.5m.

At least two teams have 3 players making more than 10 mil a year. Dal and TB do. Dallas top 3 OL total 36mil a year in cap hit.

The Eagles, Browns, Raiders, Titans, and Giants all have at two as well.

By the way the Eagles top 2 OL average 32 mil a year. Yikes!

So just for arguments sake I looked at the entire OL for every NFCN team. GB has multiple backups averaging more then several of DET and MIN starters are. GB is paying more for their backups than we are our starters … lol

Here’s how much each NFCN team is spending a year on Just their 5 starters.

GB - 39.7 M
CHI - 33.5 M
MIN - 25.2 M
DET - 19.4 M.

The bottom line is that the Lions and Vikes have several young starters still on rookie contracts and that has helped keep their average cost down. This only means they have the money to pay up to retain a veteran. The best teams sure seem to be doing just that.

Fantastic posts by Air and MyLions. This makes alot of sense. I thought I remembered MP, in an interview a few months back saying they wanted to look at some FA OL, about the same time he said he’s happy with OT. Assuming he’s happy with Ragnow, that leaves only one position, so this all makes even more sense.

One other thing is that we still have BenBeau in the wings, and I think we like him since I believe he was pulled up from the PS a couple times late last year. So Thuney makes perfect sense, and I’m thinking that they may even have a back up plan for another FA OG and/or BB coming up.


We spent all last year grooming him at OC. This says to me we’re grooming him to be the swing interior OL. I suspect that he will be the main backup behind our starters.