John Atkins first Lion to opt out

There you go…

Per: Adam Schefter

Might as well shut it down now. The season is shot.

Let the Penisini era begin!


What a pussy

6’3" 320lbs gives him a BMI of 40 which is Morbidly Obese. Which greatly increases his risk should he contract COVID.

He might be thinking he wasn’t going to make the team anyway. Or, he might be woefully out of shape, hoping the season would be cancelled and didn’t want to do the work necessary to keep his weight down and stay in shape. Maybe there’s more to the story, but is this a wise career move?

We are obsessed country to begin with. He wasn’t probably going to make the team anyways.

Who? Oh, the Atkins diet guy, got it. He will be missed, probably not though.

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Exactly this. He may have been given the option of being cut now, cut later or take the Mulligan on 2020.

There I fixed it for ya!

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Probably heard he was a candidate for the first 10 cuts.


That’s my question, bubble-guys that are under contract can either try to make the team and possibly get cut and make nothing or sit on their ass and make 250k?

Zero chance I’m playing this year if I weigh over 300. Smart move.

Setting a reminder to revisit this comment in 4 months.

Cool thing to say dude. :sunglasses:


There is a ton 300 plus dudes in NFL. Lets all live in a bubble the rest of our life’s.

He’s probably brave enough to shout it from his couch at the TV screen, too.



Glad it matters to you that much, dude

Coming from you? Internet tough guy? :joy: :joy: :joy:

Uh, you’re the one calling a professional athlete a “pussy.” I think that makes you the tough guy. I mean, thanks for suggesting I’m a tough guy, but I don’t have the testicular fortitude to insult an athlete who makes a personal choice during a pandemic. I’ll defer to far, far tougher men like you (because you can clearly back it up!) to straighten out guys like that.