John Pagano for DC

I figured MP hasn’t hired our future DC yet because that DC is still coaching. I’m expecting DC to be hired first and then the other defensive coaching positions to get filled afterwards.

Looking at who’s still coaching I was wondering what position coaches could MP target and John Pagano’s name popped out to me.

He’s a veteran defensive coach with prior DC experience. Coming off Bill O’Briens staff he has ties to NE and it wouldn’t shock me if this has all been worked out in advance. In fact I suspect the guy that MP is hiring already knows it and this has been planned for sometime.

I’m curious what do you think of John Pagano as DC?

Who else do you think it could be?

Good find. We should keep an eye out on this guy

Brendan Daly is the guy I think we are waiting for , he would have been a hands off guy when Patricia first left NE… but with him going to KC this season it should open him for a match with Patricia and a near seamless transition…to run what Patricia wants

New England Patriots (2014)
Defensive assistant
New England Patriots (2015–2018)
Defensive line coach
Kansas City Chiefs (2019–present)
Defensive line coach

i would be happy with either daly or pagano-----just hope the new one isn’t the gator-ade boy from NE

I am all on board the the JP train if Wade Phillips isn’t the first option.

I am interested in:

John Butler: secondary coach for the bills, coached In Houston for a little bit.

Kris Richard: formerly of the Dallas Cowboys and Seattle Seahawks.

But I would want WP or JP first.

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I know Daly is the guy that the local media is predicting and it makes sense but I do question the thought.

Let me explain why.

If Daly is the target then why not interview him and seal it up during KC’s bye week?

If Daly is the guy then why didn’t MP sign him last year?

The story on why Daly left NE was because his wife is from KC and she wanted to be closer to home. The media belief was that Daly wanted out of NE because he wasn’t a candidate for DC but Daly claimed it was because his wife wanted to move back to KC.

So I was looking for candidates that might make sense. My thought is that likely the candidate was on a wild card team and that’s why we didn’t interview him during the bye.

One thing is for sure and that’s MP is being super secretive about it for some reason. This makes me wonder why?

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Thinking about your comment… “MP is being super secret”.

I like the move is he is… if I’m a candidate that MP has already talked to for the DC job and I’m still on a playoff team… it minimizes the distractions and that’s respect…

If MP is doing this, good on him.

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And bring in Chris Jones?

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My only thought is that if it is Daly it’s a done deal , with him being under Patricia for 3 years in NE and Patricia is being less than transparent with the process .
Not hiring him for 2019 could be that he had Paul. P and his staff returning from 2018 .
Or I’m totally wrong and Patricia has no interest in Daly …Both very plausible :joy:

I agree that if it’s Daly (or Pagano) it’s probably been in the works for a while and likely just formalities to finalize. My gut tells me (Or maybe I wishfully believe) that MP knows who he wants and has already made the preliminary discussions. The alternative is he’s hopeful he can land candidate A and still has to do the interview, and if that plans fail he moves on to plan B or C. Which I hope to god is not the case. We can’t be that inept can we?


I have to wonder if Kerry Coombs could be either our future DC or our future secondary coach now that we’ve hired his son as ST coach.

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He coached at Ohio State with Vrabel and is currently on a Superbowl run with him. I’m sure he loves his son very much, but I don’t see him leaving the Titans as a DB coach to join the Lions as a DB coach. Plus, he evidently has an offer to re-join Ohio State as DC. Is a DC title in Detroit, along with his son coaching here enough to step away from the Titans or turn down Ohio State? I don’t know. Not a slam dunk, even with his son here.

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I think our future DC is likely one of the 3 guys mentioned in this thread. Time will tell which one it is going to be.

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Of the three …short term I would LOVE Pagano , my issue with that is 2 years in with Patricia and Pagano comes in and turns the Defense around in a big way he will get another HC job fairly quickly . Maybe in 2021.
I would love for Daly to come in , be successful and stay a few years himself, Daly having his Assistants & Coaches and mentor someone to take over when and if Daly ever gets a HC job. This way the guy to replace him would be in house …I want to build something in house for sustainability.

I think Coombs of Tennessee has to be a possibility seeing that we just hired his son.

If Coombs is the DC then I would think Okudah would likely become the first round target.

We talking about John not Chuck.

John has never been a head coach

Why Okudah though?

I wrote another which was wrong … I knew John Pagano was with the Texans and an up and comer …Chuck shit the bed with Bears Defense his window is closing .

He’s a STUD and I think our likely pick even if Chase is on the board .

Cause Coombs was his position coach at OSU and is a stud at a position the lions need help. Okudah and Slay would be a great combo