Jonah Jackson makes 1st team all rookie

Pretty much. Lang did have one PB year and I swear in the actual PB game, they played him a ton… thaaaaank you for stealing healthy snaps. Vaitai? Whoa… terrible ROI…

Here were the CB’s.

Kansas City CB L’Jarius Sneed

Limitless kudos belong to a college safety that becomes a stud NFL rookie CB—that’s exactly what Sneed has done, coming from a Group of 5 program at Louisiana Tech as well. Sneed’s wicked straight-line explosiveness and long speed allow him to work on the outside and carry routes downfield, but a player with little coverage background shouldn’t be so naturally comfortable with his back to the ball working through the catch point. I’m excited to see if he can keep this up in 2021 and beyond.

Chicago CB Jaylon Johnson

Johnson’s season tailed off a tad after a white-hot start, and an injury has kept him off the field over the last few weeks, but there’s no ignoring his body of work across the year. Johnson leads all rookies in passes broken up, with aggressive and physical play from Utah following him effortlessly into the league. Johnson must learn how to play with a bit more temperance, but ball skills always matter among corners, and he’s generating big-time plays.

By the way - I was big on S - Jeremy Chin and he made the list.

Confused National Football League GIF by Carolina Panthers

Here’s the first and second team list incase anyone is interested.

CJ Henderson made second team CB

I think they just misspelled Free Jefe.

The 17th ranked OG was a “no-brainer” over the 5th ranked OG?

Onwenu killed-it this year as Sternberger didn’t even play but I don’t know if anyone had Onwenu rated ahead of Sternberger.

I did. Onwenu charted very well on PFF and had much better measurables in the combine. I passed on Sternberger and his short arms in every mock and took Onwenu instead.
Give them credit for Jackson, didn’t see that one coming.

But from what I saw, the consensus was Stenberg was very highly regarded, more-so than Onwenu. Which is probably why Stenberg was taken in the 4th round and Onwenu was taken in the 6th round.

Stenberg ran a very slow 40 at the combine, which isn’t the worst thing ever for an OG…but kind of shows his lack of athleticism too…add the short arms and and if he can’t move his feet, he might not have been a great prospect as they originally thought…but Onwenu didn’t do any agility drills at the combine, probably for the same reason.

It cracks me up that All-Rookie teams are now using Fantasy Football format.

Flex? GTFO!

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I understand that Sternberger was ranked higher, what I don’t understand is why he was ranked higher. A mauler with limited athleticism and short arms or Onwenu who had long arms, huge hands and graded out well in pass blocking as well as run blocking his senior year… what am I missing in this comparison? Granted Onwenu had endurance issues early in his career but not his senior year. Sometimes I wonder how much effort these teams put into scouting and how much they just grab Kipers list. Now I probably saw more of Onwenu than the average scout due to my affiliation, but these guys are paid to scout and should be watching the film on all the players.

Do you two mean Logan Stenberg? Or are you two talking TE - Jace Stenberger?

I really like Jonah Jackson pre-draft. I correctly mocked him to us in round 3 of the den draft contested and pre-draft I started a thread about him. He was my favorite OG in the draft. I’m not shocked one bit about Jonah.

However I liked Stenberg too. Not nearly as much as a few other IOL but I thought he had enough to start as a rookie or at least contribute. He is just a physical specimen and I figured he’d bring much needed attitude to our run blocking. So far I am a little disappointed in him but I have high hopes that the new coaching staff can get him up to speed. I won’t be shocked if he’s starting this year.

Michael Onwenu landed in a perfect situation. NE has the best OL coach in the business. Dante Scarnecchia always gets the best out of his players and turns a lot of projects into studs. I liked Onwenu at UofM but I never thought he’d be one of the better OL in his class. Not to mention the kid is playing OT too.

my mistake, Sternberg. I wasn’t a big fan of Sternberger either though, preferred Dawson Knox.