Jonah Jackson

I thought he looked pretty damn good in his debut.

I didn’t watch every snap, but a lot of them. Swift ran behind him on the first TD.

lil bro Okwara needs to put some meat on his bones. Quick though. That missed sack was ridiculous.


There were some positives. I like Cephus and think Jackson and swift will be good. The offense should be good this year. That defense and Patricia though dampen everything positive though.

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God this defense is beyond pathetic.

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They need everyone back and healthy (DBs) for sure. Collins and Tavai need to be smart. No 3rd down conversion for the Bears until the 4th qtr(?) was a nice stat to see.

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PFF gave him a 54.6.
1 penalty, 1 sack allowed.

Not awful for a first game but obviously not great either.

I think for a 3rd rounder in his first NFL game he did ok. I’d expect some ups and downs. He played about how I expected he would.

Rookies are going to make mistakes. But we asked him to block one of the best pass rushing front 7 in the game… he did ok at it.

I liked Jackson coming out. I projected him to the Lions in our Den draft contest. I’m happy to have him and I think he will grow into a good OG for us. But expect some bumps along the way.

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The Bears only had 32 sacks last year, ranked 25th in the NFL, only 4 more than our pathetic Lions pass-rush. Other than Khalil, the Bears d-front is not that great.

the penalty was a false start. rookie first game…I can live with it.

The sack was the rollout sack on Stafford in the 4th. That was a tough one because he had to pull out and run on the waggle to block and Stafford did him no favors.

I thought he looked good. I think he’ll be better than GG.

I think he passed the eye test and his name wasn’t really mentioned much (which is a good thing as an O-Lineman.)

Yeah me too. Eye test was there. He didn’t get bullrushed too badly. His head was on a swivel in pass pro. He moves fairly well.

He’s going to be a better pass blocker than run blocker.

I though Jonah was solid especially in the passing game. Granted he’ll never be a great run blocker but he can improve. His strength is pass blocking though

Jonah Jackson is turning out to be really good. Played well vs GB.

He’s going to be one of BQ’s better draft picks.

By the way I projected him to us in the den draft contest. He was one of my favorite OG’s in the draft. Happy we landed him.

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Solid G, good potential. Good pick so far.