Jones under pressure

Against the Cards Jones was under pressure ,sacked eight times, fumbled three lost two.
But if the Lions refuse to blitz ,as usual, he can be quite accurate and will devour the secondary.

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Welcome to the Den!

I firmly believe that pressuring a rookie QB is a must. Most can’t handle the pressure an NFL DL can put on them.

Hopefully Hand is ready to go and he can help lead the pass rush. I have a feeling Snacks will miss this game.

I expect that MP will show a lot of different looks and try to confuse Jones. Hopefully he brings unexpected pressure from various different spots that Jones fails to recognize.

Please post more often.

Long suffering here in Giants territory ,New Jersey,since ‘56 . Being a Lions fan has taught me patience in all aspects of life.
But I am frustrated by the Lions lack of ingenuity on both sides of the ball despite considerable talent.
Through the years consistently poor play calling on third and short has been thorn in my side.