Josh Gordon suspended indefinitely again

Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) tweeted at 3:15 PM on Mon, Dec 16, 2019:
From the NFL: #Seahawks WR Josh Gordon was suspended indefinitely without pay for violating the NFL policies on performance-enhancing substances and substances of abuse.

Damn, man. I was really rooting for him to keep it clean.

This point, it’s a lost cause. All these teams are doing is enabling him more, by continually giving him a paycheck


IDK if I’d go that far. That’s like saying anybody that employs him at all is an enabler.

Chuck Rogers 2.0

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Titus Young Jr 2.0.

That would be Antonio Brown


There is shocking piece of news

I took a bunch of flak when I said he wouldn’t finish the season with Seattle when Seattle signed him

He actually lasted longer than I expected though


Yep, I can back you up on that.
Your post was the first thing I thought about when I saw he was suspended again.

Yea…all the “Up with People” “He might change on his 12th 2nd Chance” types were not happy.

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Maybe because that actually happens on occasion.

Still hoping he gets the help he needs and ignores the judgemental assholes on the internet. (Not you lol)


Not that this is excusable but hasn’t it just been weed and now maybe hgh or something.

Probably 80% of the league does both those things. How is he just unable to not get caught

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Addiction ain’t no joke.


A pot-addict. It’s like the movie reefer madness was right all along

We don’t know that was the substance, to be fair. He’s known to have had issues with a few others.

I think some people were giving Josh Gordon the benefit of the doubt in a general sense, but not actually focusing on the guy, his situation and his past. The first thing was people were calling it “a 2nd chance” when he was on like his 6th or 7th already. They were not aware of the background and how the NFL handles busted recreational drug tests. The second major point I brought up was the stakes. If I paid you a million dollars to not smoke weed for a year, and you can’t do it…you have a serious problem that’s far beyond just liking to get high. In Gordon’s case, it was tens of millions he couldn’t stop smoking weed for. And of course one other major point was his general attitude towards the entire thing. Once you heard him speak out about it, you could see this wasn’t something he really had any interest in changing.

Gordon has issues, but he also appears to have an obsessive personality. It served him great as a player, but not so much when it came to drugs and alcohol.

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The NFL needs to follow suit


I disagree. The NFL has the perfect balance in its weed testing. Its on the books to appease the people who don’t like that stuff, but its structured in such a way that only addicts get in trouble for it. Its perfect.


With all the pain involved in the NFL and actual physical addiction that comes with opiates, as well as trauma to the brain and constant threat of CTE,
Pot use should be completely legal

In the areas of the country where pot has become legal, addiction, abuse and deaths from opioids have significantly reduced

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It is essentially “legal” because the system is set up that only addicts are punished for it. As long as you aren’t an addict, you can smoke all you want during the season. Percy Harvin just put out an interview where he said he was high for every game he played in the NFL.