Josh Rosen on the trade block again

I think the Lions should go after him. He has first round talent. He wouldn’t be a threat to Stafford. But he could be a potential replacement when Stafford moves on. He hasn’t gotten a fair shake everywhere he’s been. Maybe for a 3rd we could have our QB of the future.

Never was a fan of Rosen’s.


Miami should hold onto him, they’ll need a backup after Tua gets hurt


I mean, I got ushered out of town in Arizona after being selected 10th overall.
He had a couple of solid games in Miami where he was playing with a normal teams B/C squad.
If the price is reasonable, and I don’t think a third is, we can give him the time to get comfortable and a few weapons to play with, I would not be upset to add Josh Rosen.

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A 3rd for a guy about to be on his 3rd team in three years? How about a 7th.

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I would rather wait until he’s cut or after Miami pays him his $1.5 million roster bonus at the start of training camp.


I could see BB giving him a look.


I mentioned after Tua was drafted, he would be on my radar. I think I mentioned a 5th or 6th. Definitely wouldn’t go higher, but I’d be glad to give a 5th to give him a shot. I think he’s got talent. He’s a bit of a douche, but hasn’t had a real opportunity. Learning behind Stafford would be perfect for him

Miami traded a 2nd and 5th for Rosen, why would they trade a cheap backup for anything less than a 3rd? It’s not in their best interest IMO

THE most important trait of a QB is the neck up trait. That is where Rosen had a problem in college and a problem in Arizona and a problem in Miami. BB has had reclaimation projects like Moss, Gordon, even took a shot on Antonio Brown for a minute. But at QB? Doubtful. Being a total douche at that position is hard to overcome regardless of talent.

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Maybe a 5th rounders, nothing more.

Josh Rosen is smart as can be. He’s just a prick who other people don’t want to follow.

He does throw a gorgeous ball though.

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Bet Miami gets Cam?

Id gladly trade for Matt Patricia.

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How many first round picks would we have to throw in?

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Still waiting for him to sign in NE…

I don’t think he’s the Belichik type.

Neither was Randy Moss

I agree. Cam to NE. Bill is playing poker to try and lower the salary.