Josh Shaw Suspended Indefinitely

Cards CB Josh Shaw has been suspended for gambling. At least until the end of 2020 per Goodell. Sorry for not supporting A link but my phone is primitive.

A rarity that I agree with Goodell and should be tossed for life. Nip this in the bud now with the onset of legalized sports gambling.

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The players aren’t the ones we’re worried about, Goodell!
It’s the “Entertainment” enterprise based in NYC, and bet on by Vegas that I want to see controlled. Nice smokescreen!


Same guy who lied about saving his drowning nephew while at USC

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Hmmm…Kind of though this thread would have more legs. Thinking this could be an issue going forward.

I don’t see it being an issue. Being able to “legally” bet on sports in many states now, should not change much. If people/players wanted to wager on games before, it was laughably easy to do so. It is going to be hard for players in the NFL to have much of an edge wagering on football. Golf and Tennis are the sports you would have to look out for guys wagering on.

Being able to “legally” gamble on football now will have no greater effect on the outcome of the games/officiating than it ever has. Sports betting has been a multi billion dollar industry for years.

Lol dude got caught betting on his teams own game, he bet the Cards to lose to the bucs in week 10. On his application to Ceasers he put professional football player as occupation. Nothing but brains on this guy

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