Julio Jones trade rumors

There’s some rumors floating that ATL could be trading Jones before the deadline.

Another rumor is that the Jags are reportedly intrested too. I’m not sure I buy this part because it could hurt their chances at 1OA.

Anyway … with KG possibility hitting the open market and the Lions struggling. Should BQ look at the possibility?

What are the most likely landing spots if ATL trades him?

I’d love to see him in ARZ., Just imagine…

He’ll be 32 to start next year. He’s had a lot of nagging soft tissue injuries as well. It would depend on the compensation. Also, I’m sure he wants to go to a contender.


Julio in Baltimore would be sweet. Would hate to see him go to GB.

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Air this team is heading into a full rebuild. Jones would be the piece a team brings in on a one or two year deal who is missing that final superbowl piece. I like Jones but I wouldn’t touch him.

SF would be smart to look at him, as would BLT, Vegas, Pats, TEN, GB, NO, maybe Carolina

Can’t see them trading him within the division. An AFC team makes more sense to me.

I agree … I thought the trade rumors were interesting and wondered … would BQ be desperate enough to pull a trade like this in an attempt to save his job?

Personally I felt BQ/MP had shown me enough last year and it was time to move on. With that in mind I would have let the new GM draft a QB and would have traded Stafford.

I like Stafford too… just felt that we were years away.

Air, we had one of the greatest WRs in history and our offensive was still bad. Do you think Julio makes us better? I don’t think so

I think NE ends up with either him or A.J. Green. I have a feeling they buy low on A.J. Green who suddenly miraculously gets healthy the moment he’s out of Cincinnati.

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I think he ends up in Green Bay. But, he may not go anywhere due to his hamstring issue.

As far as Golladay is concerned…

The question you pose is exactly why I wanted Quintricia fired last week. Quinn making moves to “save his job” is what concerns me most.

GMs will take advantage of his desperation…no doubt. He’ll probably send Golladay to the Patriots as a gift to get his old job back with Bill when he gets canned.

Jones is on the verge of retiring. The guy can’t stay healthy. What is the point of getting him?

I think he makes us better but I still wouldn’t trade for him.