Justin Herbert--"I don't see fire"

If the Chargers and Dolphins scouts share this perception, than that would be very beneficial for the Lions (even if the Chargers sign Cam Newton, I don’t see either him or Tyrod Taylor as the long term answer):

Is this the guy you land when you could have had Tua, but were too “smart” to stay put and not give up picks?? Which fan base goes TJ Hockenson pick crazy when you say you had to give up your second first round pick to move up for Tua? (Miami). Or your 2 firsts and one of your 3 3rd rounders? (Raiders). Exactly nobody. We either take Young if he falls or TD. If we stay at 3 and take anyone other than Young, I’m going to be pissed. Time to shine BQ.


Just a dudes opinion in my eyes

Define your personal take on “fire”… sometime I think a scout says this when they can’t figure someone out…


Or, their team is really interested in the guy and hope he drops.

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Outside of objective testing and game film, Isn’t what they all are?

Sure. Does anyone remember the “fire” as Peyton Manning and Ryan Leaf were talked about as to who deserved to be #1OA? Joey the piano playing QB didn’t have the fire and no one really talked about Stafford having this fire when he was drafted #1OA did they? Who of the QB’s has the fire this year? Anyone?

This is the same ploy that teams use every year to slight and devalue a player they ultimately covet and get him to slide to within their reach. Teams know better than to buy into these reports from other teams GM’s and scouts.


Pretty much - but…

When I hear a scout make this negative assessment… I feel it more about the scout sucking at their job. I mean that is all you can say? You couldn’t discern anything else?

I see conversations about how some think MP or BQ is acting like the smartest man in the world. And this is what I see in scouts like this

Just me

Well, getting compared to Carson Palmer & Jared Goff isn’t like getting compared to Todd Marinovich or Ryan Leaf.

They talked about the lack of traditional “leadership skills” when scouting Mariota bc he’s not vocal. Herbert is also reserved, having “fire” isn’t something necessary to succeed as a QB.

Where some people see “fire” I often see someone too stupid to handle his own emotions.

Being controlled by one’s emotions and letting them dominate one’s behavior is not a positive thing. Being cool and in control at all times is.


The writers …“I don’t see fire” then base the entire article off the premise, and that they could not be mistaken…Then validate it with " It’s important to note that there have been plenty of quarterbacks who don’t outwardly project “fire” but who have found success at the NFL level."

The writer…So he has no fire…fact…(it’s not) …Let me tell you why this is not necessarily a bad thing…Okay but you still have not validated he has no fire ?

I hate this trash …

How about Herbert QB 17yo College Freshman Starter has to lead men who are about to be drafted to the NFL , and how does 3 different Head Coaches and 4 OC’s effect being a vocal leader ? When you yourself are learning a new playbook year in year out , can’t just lead and play but have to constantly think …nothing is routine and you are supposed to lead and bark at others ? Lazy takes all over the board on Herbert


Fire was getting low…thought I’d throw on a couple logs I found off the ol’ pile…


No but it’s a personality trait and those are absolutely important when you are going after who you believe is going to win you a SB in 4-5 years. Some may not care. Others are going look at a guy like Rosen and go wow… All the physical traits, but he’s a dick and no one likes him. Now he’s on his second team in two years and that team is wanting to bring in the 2nd best QB prospect in the draft for a visit. There is not another position on the field where the “neck up” evaluation is as critical as your franchise QB.

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Remember what the 49ers said about stafford. That he had anger issues and they would never draft him because of a question about his parents

Not at all the 49ers at #10 had zero chance of getting Stafford …

Stafford replied to a question asked by the 49ers about his parents divorce while in High School & how it made him feel …He responded very calmly but smug as I would have with a team asking the question that I felt had zero chance of drafting me …actual answer made by Stafford was “I feel like, I wonder how much I’m being charged per hour for this?”

Agree, but no one is accusing Herbert (or any QB) of being a dick, that’s not what we’re talking about. For me personally, I classify “fire” as someone who rallies the troops verbally, someone like Brees, Rivers or Mahomes. Brady didn’t have it coming out of college, QBs like Roethlisberger, Ryan, the Mannings, Rodgers, Wilson etc don’t have what I consider “fire”. It’s a personal preference thing, those guys lead, not with fire, but calm, collectiveness and they will their team to victory.

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Stafford is always so angry…you see it every time he’s on camera…

Actually this has been a common theme being bounced around since the combine. Personally I do not put much stock in it.

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Not at all saying Herbert equals Rosen. Just saying that personality traits are important and teams need to figure out what they want in a QB beyond the physical. Most teams want QB’s who can rally guys around them naturally. Some are rah rah, and some like Stafford are not, but you hear guys talk about the way he is in the huddle and that he inspires confidence that they can always win with time on the clock.

Agree… Rosen reminds me of the QB in the movie “Draft Day”, great prospect but had a shit personality and no one liked him.

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