Justin Rogers thoughts on the Run Defense

Think Justin makes a really good point about the run defense issues, Air was talking about this yesterday as well. Bottom line we need Hand back and we need a healthy DL.

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Thanks for sharing.

Our biggest problem is no ones eating up blockers inside right now. That is usually snacks but with him having a serious groin injury and both him and Daniels missing time, we’re forced to move guys like Okwara inside. This allows the opposing OL to get out an onto our LBers and ultimately open big holes for big gains.

Bottom line is we need a healthy snacks or Daniels inside eating up blocks. We need Hand in the rotation to play 3 tech and DE on passing downs.

We’re so banged up were forced into miss matches and our DL is wearing down due to lack of depth. I just don’t see it getting better until we start getting healthy on the DL.

I really do believe that if our DL can get healthy than they can play up to the level we all hoped they would.

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Will it be in time? Tune in to next week’s exciting episode to see who gets healthy, who gets IR’d, who gets traded (for peanuts), and who gets cut.


Honestly I don’t think so. I think we finish 9-6-1 and miss the playoffs and I got a hunch they realize it too. Think the injuries on the line are huge. It sucks thinking that maybe we are already planning for next year…but that could be the case.

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I fear you maybe right. If these injuries linger much longer than we’re done.

I still do believe we are really really close. I get people’s frustrations and wanting success today…I don’t think I will be as patient next year if we are still struggling in these areas and seeing the same results. Maybe they will shock us, they expected to be close this year with how aggressive they were in FA. You can’t predict the GB game or the success the rest of the NFC is having or the injuries to Hand, Daniels and now KJ…I get now why they went after Malcom Brown and were really interested in Ingram. I don’t think we go into next season without another viable bell cow in the backfield. That will only make us stronger and tougher.

It is funny to think now, but I remember People saying TJ Watt was someone the Lions were really interested in. At the time I wasn’t sure he would be a good fit, boy was I wrong! I watch all the steeler games and I would love TJ in Detroit. You have to think if TJ had still been there when the Lions had picked they would have gone with him over JD. I’ve tried to stay behind the JD pick but its getting harder…

Look at the Rams. A talented team that’s struggling due to injuries. When healthy they are a contender. I think they have far more top level talent than DET does.

It’s difficult to be competitive with this many injuries stacking up.

I honestly feel by next year this team could really put it all together. We need a real difference maker in our front 7 on DEF. Maybe we have that guy and he just needs to get healthy or maybe we need to get him in the draft.

We have some tough choices to make on our OL too.

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I wish the Lions struggle was 4-3.

With additions like Tavai, Bryant, Daniels, Flowers to a stable including Snacks, A’Shawn, Okwara, C. Jones. Kennard and J Davis - this is one of the biggest mysteries/flops for me this season. Take away half of these guys due to injury and I guess that’s my explanation there. -A position group I thought was best suited to cushion the injury bug. I really thought I’d see more progression from Jarrad Davis than I have, too.

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I hear a lot about Davis and I’m not singling you out. Just using this reference and wondering if I am the only guy here that has thought he’s improved over last two seasons? He’s not even on my radar as biggest upgrade opportunities over next few years