Kaepernick just needed a chance .... 🤔

Well what happened ? Kap has proven to the world …he does not want to play.
He is far more interested in being the poster boy for " Sacrificing Everything " & being the martyr/victim in his endless stance of being blackballed by the establishment .

I hope the guy never gets another shot . So 24 teams sent people to see him & to evaluate what he has left and bails last minute and holds a publicity stunt workout ???Hahahahaha this guy is so predictable , Kap’s take after he had his workout on a high school field…
“We’re waiting for the 32 owners, the 32 teams, Roger Goodell, all of them to stop running. Stop running from the truth, stop running from the people. We’re out here, we’re ready to play, we’re ready to go anywhere,”

I hope to God this shit show is over now after this nonsense . I can’t see the guy ever getting a work out now .


Not sure what a “publicity stunt workout” is but do know that if Kaep was addicted to percocets, beat women, or hid from his children, he’d have a job in the NFL today.

Pick your poison.


Funny I read the same EXACT quote on twitter …

You are really going to to take the spun pro Kap twitter stance on this ?

The guy had an opportunity to showcase his skills for personnel from most NFL teams & he bailed .

He wore a Kunta Kinte shirt to the pony show while wearing his soon to be released Nike sneakers and then barked what he expects to happen now and that he will be waiting.

A guy crying he can’t get a chance , is given an unprecedented one …and he skips it .

This is ideal ? This gets you a gig ? Even if the whole thing was a sham you put your best foot forward , show what you got . The NFL agreed to give his agent the full unedited RAW workout in its entirety as filmed . The same for the NFL teams .

He is now being portrayed as the victim …yet again . When his circumstances are his own doing .


Ah well
Soon enough nobody will be listening to him
He’s earned that …


I think you’re right, at least within football circles. He still has a brand at this point, though, and will be able to ride that for a while, kinda like a Kardashian. From a football perspective, his actions say “I don’t want to be in the NFL”.

I have to believe that his actions will have lost a measurable percentage of the actual players. Not that they’ll be vocal about it or anything, but that they know he was provided more of an opportunity than any individual has had and nothing more was asked of him than any other individual has had asked of them.

I expected that maybe the cause that so many other players have adopted would have become important to him. This is obviously not the case. His cause is Colin. If he was interested in football or reform, there would have been a more professional response to the opportunity given him. Except for dying his hair in a rainbow pattern, he went full clown show with this. There may be SJW’s and radicalized fools that continue to follow him, but he’s definitely going to lose the ear he had within NFL circles

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From what I read it seems that at the last minute the NFL tried to get him to sign some sort of waiver that included more provisions than necessary, so that led to him moving the workout and doing his own thing. I’m not really rooting for either side in this, but if this is true then I could probably see myself doing the same if someone tried to change up on me at the last minute.


Per NFL, it was “a standard liability waiver based on the waiver used by National Invitational Camp at all NFL Combines and by NFL clubs when trying out free agent players.”

So, unless they took some extreme liberty with the “based on” part of that, it should have been standard legal fare that gets them in and out of the combine and other events without being on the hook for anything that occurs at them.

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Specifically, the waiver included a release of the NFL and teams from any labor violations between the last settlement and today.

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Yeah, that would be an extreme level of liberty taken with a “standard liability waiver”.

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It has always been about CK drawing attention to himself

And it paid off better then he ever imagined with the Nike deal

He doesn’t need the money. He only wants to play if he can do it while doing what he does best…be a clown show. A team would have to be really really desperate to sign Kunte Kinte at this point


Ochocinco and Terrell Owens were “clowns” and they got to play football.

They didn’t insult all police officers and everybody that loves America

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Wait, I love America and I’m not offended in the least!



That means Kunte Kinte should be signed soon since he isn’t offensive

Jesus! Now that’s a take!

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OK, boys. I’m out. I was hoping that the guy would hit reset on his issue and take a more effective approach, but that didn’t happen. His clothes, actions and words are there for everyone to see. I was leaning neutral-to-positive on this. My hopeful expectations were not met and I am officially checking out on the whole deal. Draw your own conclusions.

Have a good day!


Yea. He had the opportunity to show he wanted to be a football player not a lightning rod and he went full lightning rod then called the owners out

Good use of his opportunity


So wife beaters and dead beat dad NFL players aren’t an offence toward police officers and America?:thinking: