Still stand for your flag or leave. I don’t lean right or left. Stand no matter what. If you don’t like how things are going leave. Then you will realize how good you have it.

4 years active duty military and 22 years as a police officer and I’ll always stand and so will my children. But I could care less what these athletes or media stars say, think, or do. It’s America and they can do what they want. I say try him out.


You won’t hear from me again if that ever happens.
Probably a good thing?

If Stafford is done for the season our season is done.

Who cares who our backup is at that point. Why bring the unnecessary drama to our team when the season is lost anyway.

Unless there’s a Quid Pro Quo that the NFL will stop screwing us on Sundays if we take Kaepernick off their hands.

20 years of service, 8 active. I don’t have an issue with kneeling during the anthem. I joined the military because I believe in the right of people to have self expression; to do things that others disagree with. I’d rather young men have opinions and be actively engaged in their community- even if I disagree with their opinions- than to be passively complacent and do nothing.

Kapernick talked to members of the military to get their opinion and changed from sitting to kneeling because of their feedback. Again, doesn’t make it right or wrong, but he’s clearly (in my opinion) not trying to communicate anything negative about the military or the sacrifices of those who died in the line of duty. My in-laws, both of whom also served, disagree. And that’s their right.

All said, I’m 1000% more upset about the pig/cop socks than I am about the kneeling. The kneeling I can see as an expression of discontent about racial equality in America. The pig/cop socks thing is different. While there are definitely some bad apples out there, cops do a lot of good for the country as a whole, and tarring them all with the same brush is not okay.


Great post.

I know ton of people who severed, and they are against it.

I’m sure you like all kinds of NFL players who have done worst. If Kareem Hunt had joined the Lions you would have quit them then too?

…and I know those who aren’t. To each his own I guess.

100% against signing KAP
100% against kneeling during the National Anthem for any reason .
100% against the false narrative that the said kneeling was about .
100% against his take and stance as being even a real stance of his & based on when it started and that he said he would stand if signed after his last season (Which I think he backed off of when criticism started to flow)

Facts are Facts he looked okay with Haurbaugh a system QB with good wheels. He was exposed and his talent level as a passer and his weaknesses exploited. Now several years removed I imagine he offers a ton less than he did and really it was not much that his career ended with . I would role with Jeff Driskell over Kapernick of 3 years ago, never mind right now.

He is done .

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I served. Lost family and friends. We fought so he can kneel. Keep your punk ass feelings to yourself. You are not a patriot by hurling insults at people who exercise their rights.



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