Kaep's agent reached out to Steelers, Saints & Jets--no dice


The Lions obviously aren’t interested either given the number of guys they’ve brought in and cut both this off-season and recently.

Those 3 teams are interesting in finding a quarterback. Thats why they aren’t looking at Kaep. The league is already full of guys who can throw fastballs into the dirt and run the occasional scramble drill


Kaep is entitled to starter money…

Of course he is. He’s never getting it though.

LOL…classic satire.


Dude … I dislike the man but dam that is wrong!! :japanese_ogre:

This isn’t the slightest bit complicated.

He hasn’t played in three years; he was on the decline when he stopped playing; no team wants a distraction, and he (and his jihadi girlfriend) want to be one.

He was given a genuine opportunity by the NFL to possibly get back into the league, and he turned it into a publicity stunt.

He doesn’t want to play football again; he wants to complain about it, sell shoes, pick out his 'fro, pretend he wasn’t raised an upper-class white kid, claim victimhood, and be woke, anti-American and anti-cop.


In light of Kaps tweets this past week about the U.S. and Iran, this satire is the perfect comic relief based on the mix of the political and sports world colliding.

At this point, Kap is strictly a social activist and open for satire.


Apparently he timed well in the 40 yard dash at his workout, both unladen and w suicide vest.


Faster than a speeding Iranian rocket, more powerful than the Middle East full of IED’s, can leap a downed jet in a single bound look up in the sky, it’s Stuporman. Can start a cop killing spree sporting one pair of socks. Can unhinge half a nation by stating white cops are given paid vacation for hunting black men. s on his chest stands for shitstain.


I wish someone would offer to sign him to their practice squad for the bare PS pay minimum just to see what he does. If he signs run him through a closed workout session against a bunch of UDFA QB’s and then declare he couldn’t beat them out. Mainly just to end this topic once and for all.

The guy was given a legitimate opportunity and he made a Mockery of it. He doesn’t deserve any more opportunities.

Hey, did you see that tweet by Kap about how Iran lied their ass off blaming the US, then admitted they shot down that airliner killing hundreds of Canadians and Iranians?

Me either.



See, I told you nobody wants to come to Detroit! If that doesn’t prove it, nothing will.