Kareem Hunt... Uh Oh


Video surfaced of him assaulting several people including kicking a woman on hotel surveillance video.


Its stuff like this constantly happening that makes me want to stop watching the NFL all together.


So sad… brutal.


Now, take a knee to protest police brutality…
Fans need to start taking a knee to protest player brutality!
Shout me down when I’m lying.


Oh for effs sake. Why is TMZ still better at finding this stuff than the rest of the giant sports media apparatus?


Because they pay for it. Most reputable journalism outlets won’t pay for stuff. TMZ has no qualms doing so.


My buddy and I were talking about this. What if rules were passed in which the team faced punitive damage when this happened? Like couple mill and a first round draft pick. I think it can’t be just cash. Bet you’d see the NFL organizations act differently when composing rosters if it would cost them assets when their players did something horrible.


Also, shouod this not renew Tyreek Hill venom? I get second chances but damn he skated free. Timing and no video I guess. I always thought his assault was the worst because he assaulted the mother of his child to be.


Kareem Hunt was just released


I wonder if Tyreek Hill is coming next. Not that they will. Or as long as it’s not taped we’re good I guess.

Don’t the Skins HAVE to release Foster now


Or they can just double down and pick Hunt up


Only because the league retroactively suspended him when they caught some heat. Dan Snyder doesnt give a single fuck about optics.

MAJOR kudos for Kansas City releasing Hunt so quickly.


You’ll hear nothing from me.

If you’re lying, you’re flying – and I can see both of your feet firmly planted on the ground on this one.


Just curious if KC knew how bad it was and just waited until the media got a hold of the video before they released him.


According to the press release they said he lied to them.


Your a billion dollar franchise I think I would have dug a little harder into this. NFL hasn’t changed. Best thing is it makes the Redskins look that much worse for picking up foster. I’m sorry, but I’ve got nothing for a man who hits a woman. Zero…and he just completely fubared my FF championship team. What a POS.


Sorry about your fantasy team, lionboy. Really! Not being typically smart, ass.:rofl:
This actually shocks me that they released him.
I was screaming at the hypocrisy of the players when I was one of the first to comment.
Video not withstanding, there is a thing called due process. That would justify an indefinite suspension, but, not an outright firing until after the hearings.
So basically, they can take a stand and fire a Star because he tarnishes the organizations reputation in this case, not in others? You all know where I’m going.
The whole damned league is full of hypocrites from top to bottom!


Word is the Cleveland PD would not release the tape to the NFL or the Chiefs in February .

I find it somewhat hard to believe they had the only copy guven what I know about video surveillance systems.

KC needed to dig harder in retrospect but I dont think they wanted to. Not they wanted to be ignorant or bury it, but that they are a class outfit and take someone at their word.

And when you lie to them and they find out, you are dead to them.

But still, Holy Shit. 9-2 marching to the Super Bowl quite possibly and they say FU buddy. WOW.


Righteous move, when you put it that way.


Lev Bell just started looking at KC real estate…