Kareem Hunt... Uh Oh


Another reason to love Kerryon Johnson. Awesome kid. Would love to pair him with Damien Harris (3rd?) another top notch player and human being.


I am surprised the Browns PD didn’t release this video about a month ago before the Chiefs played in Cleveland.


And am I a bad person that the first thing I did when I heard about this this morning was go see if Spencer Ware was available in my fantasy league?


Give me a freaking break, Weasel.

You really believe that??


Which is the whole point.

Man, this feels dirty to me.


The right move would to have dug into this. Where’s there’s smoke there’s fire. I get the due process part of it, but im sure there’s some stipulations in his contract. And he’s still getting paid on suspension while it continues to be investigated anyways. At the end of the day KC had an all pro rookie RB who they did not want to lose. If this had been some 3rd stringer he would have been cut back in February and KC probably would have held a press conference. This smells like the same ole BS that really good players get away with. From high school, college, and in the NFL coaches and gms/AD’s are way more concerned about wins than anything else. I get it, it’s their livelihood. This is on the owners and if they are concerned about public opinion.


Too be honest it’s not early as bad as I’d have expected it to be.

He looks drunk. Still no excuse but I think what Mixon did was far worse.

These young athletes do a lot of stupid stuff. One mistake and your career is likely over in today’s world.


If you are the Redskins you have to claim Foster because you know the Cowboys will if you don’t.

And I’m not sure how you can give KC kudos when Tyreek Hill is on the team.


I do. Having had a family member a life long Chiefs fan and seeing how they operate in the past, it fits their corporate culture and their past actions and communications, which have been consistent over a stretch of decades.


Nothing wrong with that


Because I wasnt evaluating them as an entire franchise, I was giving them credit for this particular move.


Based on what I’ve seen and read, I’d claim him in a heartbeat.

Two stories emerge regarding why she was kicked out the room, but both agree she was kicked out. Yet there she is confronting the person that has kicked her out of his room, striking him even, outside of his room in the hall.


Why is she still there? She’s been kicked out. Her night is over. Her pursuits have come up empty. No offense occurred while she was in his room, at least nothing physical had happened to her. Woman, your night is over. Take whatever dignity you have left and go home. But nope… she’s gonna set things straight…

This is nothing like Rice or Mixon. Nothing even close.


Yeah, I kind of see it that way too.

Sure, it was an assault. But it wasn’t domestic violence. It was a fight.

The whole “man shouldn’t hit woman” thing is fine and all, but in the eyes of the law, gender has nothing to do with it. If it was a fight, it was a fight.

Fights happen.


Rice, Mixon and now Hunt. Why is it runningbacks that keep doing this chit AND getting caught on camera doing it?


It’s his judgement, or lack thereof, in the video. I have a hard time seeing another organization trusting this guy when he made an idiot of himself with that girl and then lied to the police and the Chiefs about it. He’ll still get claimed, but it’s going to be a PR nightmare for the team that gets him.

But hey, there’s going to be two new leagues soon, so there’s that as well.

There is a less than 0% chance he gets claimed by Detroit.


Ok. Watched the Hunt interview. I think he’s a good kid that made a mistake. Taking responsibility. Should be suspended but id claim him in a second. NFL and Chiefs could have done a better job looking into this. He says he was never interviewed by the NFL.


I’d agree if he had stopped with the shove. Kicking her while she was down seals it for me. He had a chance to stop at “lapse of judgement/heat of the moment” and blew right past it.


I hear you, but it’s nothing like Rice did to his woman. I don’t condone any of it. 22 years in law enforcement and raised to never hit a woman. I thought when he shoved the guy into her it was way more violent than the kick.


I’d like to hear testimony from others present. Specifically, how many times was she asked to leave?
And, who became violent first?


And now we hear the NFL is looking at another possible incident in June? Don’t know if it’s bad or not…but a lot of bad decisions being made by Hunt, KC, and the NFL.