Kelly Stafford Pregnant?

There are rumors the Staffords are having another baby based on some recent photos. We know what Matt is doing when not playing football. No wonder his back hurts… NO not what you think, he is carrying kids and strollers all over.


I want to be the first to congratulate JRLions on a new bundle of joy.

Congrats Kelly! :tada: :clinking_glasses:


Shootin’ for a boy…One last time!

Side story: A friend of mine had three girls and tried one more time for a son. He had twin girls. Fast forward years later. The poor guy had five girls, all in their teens. Ages 13 through 19 under his roof.

He drank…


You guys are funny as hell.


I TOLD YOU, we had the most accurate QB in the league!

How many kids does Tom Brady have? GOAT??? Pfffft! He couldn’t hit the broad side of the barn if he was inside with the doors shut!


He should have attempted more kids after his prime , this can be a distraction . This is not the area you want to beat your passing attempts

I have 2 boys 20 months part apart and I’m getting fixed.

I couldn’t imagine 3 more children.


You’re friend has it worse, but my best friend has 6 boys, ages 5-15… and he DOESN’T drink. Patience of Ghandi right there.


My neighbors had 7 kids… 5 girls, then a boy and a girl last.

They always said going from 2-3 kids was the hardest transition but after that it got easier.

My boys were first, 19 months apart… Then a girl before I got snipped! Would have had more but my wife was super high risk.


Had a girl, then a boy, then a snip. No tie breaker here…

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I just have a dog. Still trying to trick some unsuspecting woman into thinking I’m handsome.

Dog doesn’t care :wink:


Never wanted girls
Do I ended up with 2
They are terrific!!!
I count myself lucky


Favorite post of the day lol.

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At least you didn’t call us “Breeders”.



I would never do that. Just because I don’t like something it doesn’t entitle me to be rude to others who do. Having kids is arguably the greatest thrill life has to offer.

“Breeders” though lol…Funny


Kids …
all I can say is, for me, kids are a total blast
To each his/her own


This might be the greatest post I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading in my entire 15+ years here.

I feel ya, bud!

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Not to take this thread a different direction but it’s wild to me I’ve paid 50K in property taxes the last 5 years to fund a school district my kids have not and will not ever set a foot in.

My neighbors all have 3-5 kids in this school district yet we pay the amount of tax based on our home sizes.

I live in a very conservative county in Texas. Whenever I bring this up to anyone who lives around me they just shrug their shoulders.

Bring up other topics and they are quick to claim communism but this one just gets a shoulder shrug.

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So, I have thought about this before.

I am actually glad to pay taxes that fund school districts. I want our population to be well educated and I’m happy to chip in and pay for education for other people’s kids.

If you consider it from that perspective perhaps it would be a bit easier to chew? No one wants a world full of idiots, right? We’ve got plenty already lol.

They are usually the kids of parents who couldn’t afford them and didn’t pay enough attention to them but needed to have 4 of them.


That is good. think about it… we want all children educated moving forward. Who wants to support a bunch of dumb asses 20 years from now when they have no brains or skills. The uneducated derelicts will end up robbing your home to get cash. Hope that helps answer your question.

I feel your pain. Aside from our Sales Tax in Michigan going toward schools I wouldn’t put my kids in, I happen to own a modest cottage that gets taxed through the nose for the local school district. Craziness. To top it all off, Tuition cannot be deducted at tax time.