Kelly Staffords new episode

I just can’t take her seriously.

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she loves her dude, and is an incredibly honest and loving wife. She stands for what she believes in.

I love her. Matt was with her, when he came into the league. IMO, the fact that Matt isn’t the playboy type has kept him focused and not out chasing split tails.

I think her presence has helped him to be a better man, and a better QB in the process (more focused )


I agree with her

It’s obviously about power and control at this point.

And her already declared unconstitutional orders are not suddenly constitutional just because she now runs them through the Department of Health… which is run by a politician with no background in medicine or health


Wish Matt had the balls to take her phone away. She’s getting as bad as old man Ball.



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So much for honest disagreement…

It’s her opinion and it’s not a bad take at all imho as well!!



I do have a background in science and health. Those memes make it clear you don’t. Oftentimes someone in that position won’t have a medical background because it’s an administrative role. They will have a panel of multiple doctors in the organization driving policy that 1 person announced to the public.

I also had a brain injury last year, can 110% relate to some of Kelly’s erratic behavior that she reconsiders when under less stress and able to think clearly. Thus I give her a pass despite thinking that opinion is pretty asinine under the circumstances. If that wasn’t the case I’d try to trade my Stafford jersey in, still liking and rooting for them but absolutely wouldn’t feel comfortable associating myself with that type of opinion. Based on my knowledge base i see it as very dangerous, particularly considering where we are in the cycle of learning about and responding to this virus.

Should probably put this topic on the back burner. Yeah it’s Kelly Stafford but just going to dissipate into political griping on whatever side.


If I separated myself from everyone out there that had an opinion I didn’t want to be associated with - I’d be isolated for life…

She is fine - period with her thoughts…

Slamming her and not wanting to be around someone for a difference in view is selfish and immature.

We all are fucked us in one way or a mother and no one is better that the other…

Accepting people for not being perfect is what we are supposed to do brothet!


It doesn’t matter how many health experts work in the health department

They still don’t have the authority to issue these orders any more than the Governor did. She just knows they have to go through the process again of going to the MI supreme court and having them declared unconstitutional… Again

But then, now Whitler has a majority of activist judges So they’ll let her do whatever she wants and will have to go to the US Supreme Court


I didn’t say I wouldn’t want to be around her. My best friend shares some of those views and we talk everyday. I wouldn’t feel comfortable representing their views and last name waltzing around on my back in public.

Staunch constitutionalists have their own set of opinions which are fine. Balance is important, otherwise it would be a dictatorship. Imho our country’s changed a bit since that was written and laws should reflect current society. It’d also be nice if we were all a little less selfish. Me included.

The constitution itself has had some immense strengths which kept our country and citizens solvent throughout time and others which let them down. As Kelly said, no one has the perfect solution.

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What’s funny is, no ONE person has the perfect solution, and yet we have a bunch of governors that are unilaterally implementing their own solutions anyways. All of which have proven completely ineffective, and when that happens, rather than pivot and adjust, they just keep pushing harder.

If there is one thing I hope comes from this epidemic, it’s that people will realize how quickly your rights can be taken away, and all 50 states pass their own reform on governmental powers. The people should be allowed to decide what they want to live with. Not individuals.

But what about when your irresponsible behavior puts my health, also my family’s health and livelihood at risk? Do I have a say in that?

I think that’s why elections exist and we see such a variety of policy implementations across different states

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Welcome to life. Alcohol puts your health, your family’s health, and your livelihood at risk. Every single day. Yet, it’s still there. You can be completely responsible. Someone else may not, and may crash your car and cause terrible things to happen. Yet, it’s still considered acceptable for everyone to drink.

You cannot legislate a virus away. You cannot legislate bad things from happening away. If it worked, let’s make a law saying it’s bad to kill people, and stop murder once and for all. We are organic beings with known weaknesses. Viruses are a fact of life. Forcing or attempting to force people to abide by arbitrary rules is not going to force a virus to stop being a virus. It’s not going to stop anything, and it hasn’t.


We’re speaking different languages.

Myself and none of the health officials or governor is talking about “stop the virus”. The person doing that most seems to be Donald trump. The healthcare community is focused on minimizing damage. Especially during this inflection point of infections with vaccines on the horizon. I think most of us are well aware eradication isn’t anywhere in the equation right now.

That’s good. Then we agree on that part.

So then my next question comes… Why should we trust in governors who tell us what our social responsibilities are to minimize the damage, when they openly flout their own rules? You’ve got the guy in California who is holding parties at restaurants, you’ve got your own Whitmer who schedules trips to TC, after warning everyone to stay home for Memorial Day, the social protesting which is somehow acceptable but church meetings are not, everyone should stay home for Thanksgiving yet it’s ok for mass demonstrations as long as we are celebrating Trump losing the election.

These are not questions for you to answer, I am stating why people are having such a hard time getting on board with governors telling us what to do, even though they refuse to do it themselves and only apologize when someone catches it on camera. If they don’t believe in their own advice, why should we?

add on for the mods: I won’t make any more comments, I know this topic can derail.


Brother- read what you wrote…

Now I’m not trying to be a total sick - honestly… point it out in reference to the above quote…

We, as people, forget that what important in written and speaking is not what I say but how I say to do the others understand my perspective: liking it or not…

I have friends who are atheist and agnostic / we still love each other and I am fine a sa Christian being associated with them as I feel I don’t compromise myself with God, Jesus or the Holy Ghost…

If I rolled as you wrote it in the above quote, I’d have to stay away from the very people I’m supposed to love and show Jesus love? That can’t work.

So, in the end, not a big, big deal and forgive me if I was nit picking too much!!


But the cdc and who keep saying we will have a vaccine that is supposed to work… magically in a few month from scratch… viruses never go away; this will not go away period.

We need to simply accept it and live life smartly without over reaction

Love you all!!


She’s had a little more to go thru than most of us…

“Matthew Stafford has had two COVID scares, one of which was a false positive back when players were first reporting to training camp. That led to a new NFL rule designed to protect players from false positives.”

We are one of the real hot spots in the country, our gov held schools to a 15% positive rate to close. We just blew by that although in our small town we’re still below. NY has a 3% threshold and just reached it. We live in interesting times.


Abject, pardon my French! Maybe i should have said represent on my back or give the perception that I support similar views. Nbd. I like your attitude a lot in general and appreciate you. :v:

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