Kennard released

I had a feeling this was coming. Personally I’d have kept him as a pass rush specialist. Maybe we’re planning on adding someone else and need the money?

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Not to mention there’s not much room for him after we draft Chase Young.


You could see this coming…

That has to happen for this to make sense I suppose.

Collins is obviously going to play Kennards role.

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Great minds think alike. Good point Air.

He hasn’t been much of a pass rush threat.



He had 7 last year.

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Kennard was strictly a pass rusher. Collins is more of a coverage guy with some pass rush skills. I saw Collins as more of a replacement for Jones.

Unless there is a corresponding move that includes a stud pass rusher, we just got worse at rushing the passer.

I don’t like it.

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This is funny

Chase Young

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Quinn is by far the worst GM this side of Houston


Welcome - there’s room on the bus. I have a seat in the back for you.


Lions save about 5.6 million. Hopefully they can use that money to sign another stud like Nick Williams


And as quoted above, an edge-setter. Also dropped into zone coverage regularly.

Quinn is a 1 step forward, 2 step back GM.


Kennard was ranked 70th among edge defenders in 2018.

Given that each team usually had two edge defenders, that means he performed worse than some other team’s backups.

Was 2019 any better? No, worse. Other than the 3 sack game in the opener against the Cardinals, Kennard was largely invisible in terms of pressure on the QB (and it showed because the DBs has to cover forever).

Van Noy had a career-high 84.2 PFF grade in 2019, ranking 16th in the NFL. In the pass-rush, Van Noy ranked 34th in grade — over 50 spots ahead of Kennard, who had just a 58.1 pass-rush grade in 2019 and has never eclipsed a 60.0 pass-rush grade in his four seasons with 100-plus pass-rush reps (has two with fewer than 100).”

That means Kennard was 84th in pass rush grade in 2019. He simply wasn’t winning enough battles.

To me, it is a position in need of major upgrades.