Kennard to the Cards--gets more $$

Former Detroit Lions linebacker Devon Kennard has quickly found a new home, agreeing to a three-year deal with the Arizona Cardinals, according to multiple reports.

According to the NFL Network, the deal is worth $20 million with $12.25 million guaranteed. That’s slightly more than the three-year deal he signed with the Lions in 2018.

Just goes to show that one man’s trash is anothers treasure. He was a one trick pony here and that was valuable to the Cards.

We upgraded to a player that can be better in coverage while providing better all around play for similar money. They thought he was the upgrade they needed while Collins was an improvement for us.

A’Shawn got a better payday than expected and we paid more for a few players than their respective teams thought they were worth I have to assume.

He made a good impression with 3 sacks against them.

I’m not trying to be obtuse but what is his one trick?

If Kennard is “one-trick” it’s setting an edge. He’s on on-the-ball and off-the-ball linebacker that can match up against OT’s without getting pushed out of the park. He can be a quality SAM for a 4-3 team, but only if they’re a zone team on the back end. If you’re needing him to play man coverage on a TE or RB, you’re in trouble. He’s not a coverage backer. He’s not a true pass-rusher. So, playing the run from the offensive strong side has been where he’s shown the most worth.

@bigstupidjerk, how’s that?


Well the one trick comment is made to compare to Collins being called a swiss-army knife. Obviously Kennard had value to us in run defense with some pass rush ability but his moderate salary was still not enough for us to keep around with his limitations.

If a backbreaker on D last year was lack of good coverage from our LB core, we set out to upgrade in FA with Collins. Another thought is that Collins had more splash plays as a simiar role to Kennard while being better in coverage.

Kennard’s limited skill set still got him a nice payday from a team that maybe will make him “splash” more as a rush backer in a 3-4. He will set the edge and rush without more expectations? I guess that still has value, especially if he’s been healthy all along.